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The ultimate guide to buying and installing a patio cover

Investing in patio covering is one of the best ways to ensure that your outdoor living space offers comfort and functionality all year round. Whether you want a quiet sanctuary or a lively entertaining space, a patio cover allows you the functionality to enrich your life.
No matter how the weather is or no matter what the occasion is, a covered patio lets you make the most out of the outdoor space. However, it takes a considerable amount of time and money in planning, designing and installing a patio cover. Therefore, seeking expert guidance makes the most sense. The in-depth discussion on patio covering in the post will save you from making costly mistakes. Let’s find out what you must know for creating a comfortable outdoor living space.
How to select a suitable patio cover?
There are many types of patio covers available, such as awnings, pergolas, lattices or louvered patio covers. The basic purpose of all of these products is to provide a shading solution. However, the purchase decision should not be based solely on purpose. You might want to consider the pricing, installation cost, maintenance cost and of course appearance.
An umbrella can also provide shade during hot summer months but you certainly don’t want to invest in it if you are looking for a more functional option. When you are planning to create a cozy outdoor space, these are the questions that you can ask yourself:

  • How are you going to use the transformed patio, i.e. for relaxing, working, playing etc.
  • How often will you going to use it
  • What is your budget
  • How much time do you have for maintenance
  • What is the weather and climate condition in your area

It may sound overwhelming but answering these questions can give you a basic idea of what type of project you want to invest in.
Modern designs of awnings feature an easy retractable mechanism which offers the flexibility to shade your windows and deck areas.
These freestanding structures are ideal to cover patios, decks and walkways. The traditional columns and rafters are now available with a technology twist. Louvered patio covers feature a motorized operation that allows you to position the louvers at a desired angle for an ideal balance of shade and ventilation.
Solid patio covers
 These offer complete shade and weather protection. Make sure to invest in robust quality materials like foam core building panels which are energy efficient, affordable and easy to install.
Lattice and pergolas add a sophisticated charm but solid patio covers offer total weather protection. If you want the best of both worlds, consider investing inmotorized louvered patio covers. The refreshing breeze as well as protection from drizzle can be achieved with a touch of a button.
How to install patio covers?
You might get a huge help from the internet for selecting the right shade, style and finish for your patio cover, though, it is highly recommended to resist the urge to follow the YouTube tutorials to install a patio cover.
Make good use of the internet and search for patio cover builders near me. It is best to hire experienced contractors because a lot of planning and measurements are required. Secondly, patio covers are a significant investment. Let a licensed contractor do the installation. This helps in protecting the product warranty.

  • Professionals have the required expertise for the installation
  • Homeowners might not own the right equipment or tools for the installation
  • Installation or measurement mistakes can be time consuming and costly

Bottom line
Consider the purpose and budget to select suitable patio covers and let an experienced contractor do the installation. You can narrow down the selection for affordable patio covers by searching for the best patio covers near me or by visiting Bluebonnet Patio Covers. They are industry leaders in premium patio covering solutions for residential and commercial projects.