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Cisco Certified Network Associate

Submitted by vaduvala on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 13:18

Cisco Systems "Cisco Technician Certification"
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
Engineer certification by the world's largest network equipment manufacturer, Cisco Systems, Inc. The company is qualified to certify knowledge and skills for engineers who are in charge of network management, operation and construction, and it can be used not only in Japan but also overseas.

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
is targeted for small networks. It is to judge the basic knowledge required as a network engineer, the degree of difficulty increases from CCNA in introductory section to CCNP, CCIE in order, CCNP is CCNA holders, CCIE has at least two years of practical work Entrance qualification will become more severe, such as experience is needed.

This qualification, such a person attention!
As a "network engineer" I want to work as a temporary worker, but for those who are inexperienced but want to aim for a network engineer! Vendor qualifications. Indeed, many of the recruitment requirements are "CCNA qualified holders". If you do not have this CCNA, you will not be able to enter even a job if you do not do it well. As mentioned on the page of Mr. Hirokazu Yabuki of the network community, CCNA qualification test passes includes the standard TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) Knowledge of communication rules is necessary and having CCNA certification also prove that you master the essential knowledge for this network engineer. We are now qualified to systematically evaluate knowledge of a wide range of networks, from server maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge using our company's routers and switches, which can be said to be de facto standards. With the skills of UNIX server OS, Oracle, Engineer "as the minimum required qualification is not an exaggeration to say. As for CCNA, no special examination qualification is established.
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