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A Guide to CBD Eliquids-in-2023
Are you looking to cut down on cigarettes, but you just need them to deal sometimes? Or perhaps you’re interested in what cannabis has to offer in Malta, without getting stoned? Whatever the reason, you might want to give CBD eliquids a try.
But before we move on, in case you missed our other article on the best non-CBD eliquids in Malta, you can check it out here.
What are CBD eliquids?
cannabis-plantThe first thing you need to know is that CBD is one of the many beneficial chemicals in cannabis. However, it is not psychoactive unlike it’s sibling, THC. When you smoke a joint with standard cannabis, the strong high you feel is due to the concentration of THC, rather than CBD. Vaping
That being said, the more mature brother of the party chemical in marijuana still has numerous health benefits, along with still offering a relaxing time. CBD eliquids are normally made up of CBD, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavourings.
Does vaping CBD eliquid feel like smoking cannabis?
eliquid-vapingJust like when you’re smoking weed the traditional way, there are a few effects which you could feel however there is no guarantee that it will hit everyone the same way. Reported feelings include relaxation, calm, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and feeling tired or alert depending on the dosage.
There are also other pros to CBD eliquids which make them a new, often preferred alternative to the more old-school ways of benefitting from cannabis. They are more bioavailable, making them fast acting. Also, as can be seen in Rolling Buddy’s catalogue, these eliquids come in a variety of great flavours and strengths to suit your cannabis needs in Malta.
Many people are turning to vaping CBD not only as a method to quit smoking, but for the long term benefits. Studies published about this range of cannabis products talk about how people use it regularly for help with insomnia and anxiety. There is also evidence that it can be used to deal with the effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy and diabetes.
Which is the strongest type of CBD eliquid?
When it comes to strength, it is important to keep in mind exactly what you are looking for. There are three types of CBD eliquids: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum.
The isolated type is self-explanatory, it is a kind of eliquid that only contains CBD making it the purest of the three. With broad-spectrum vape juice, you get a mix of CBD and other cannabinoids – chemicals found in cannabis – from sativa plants, leaving out THC. Finally with full-spectrum you normally get a combination of CBD, some THC, and a number of other parts extracted from a sativa plant.
Where can I get CBD eliquid in Malta?
BO Caps CBD Broad SpectrumWhen looking for the best cannabis products in Malta, Rolling Buddy has you covered. If you’re looking for their purest, most natural CBD eliquid, check out La Chanvrier Suisse. This product’s natural as possible formula makes it one of the only in the world based on 100% natural terpenes. It is sure to give you the most obvious taste and effects of CBD with no added flavours.
For a new kind of CBD experience, you may also want to look at the broad-spectrum BO Caps. This ‘ultra-refined concentrated CBD’ product is sure to be an experience. With CBD oil in vegetable glycerin, and without containing any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl, BO Vaping has delivered something unique.
CBD E-Liquid OG Kush 5% - 10mLBy far the largest selection of CBD eliquids are the full-spectrum type, of which Rolling Buddy also provides. With Plantoflife being a recognised expert and leader in the European cannabis industry, you know their products are going to speak for themselves. All of their eliquids are nicotine and alcohol free, have a THC level not exceeding 0.2%, and in the following cases 5% CBD.
The flavours can be split into two types, either by plant strain giving a more authentic natural extract, or else by flavour if you want to experiment or simply enjoy vaping tasty smoke. Two of the most popular strain flavours Rolling Buddy offers are the OG Kush and Sour Diesel 10ml eliquids. Meanwhile, two of the more adventurous flavours also include Watermelon and Bubblegum.
But I don’t have a vape!
Of course, to use these products you will need to have the right kit for it. Fear not, Rolling Buddy also has you covered there! The Novo 4 by Smok and the Luxe Q by Vapouresso are portable, affordable and easy to use devices to get you started with refillable vapes.
Alternatively, if you’d rather give CBD eliquids a try without buying any new devices, there is also a range of CBD cartridges. These come in all your favourite strains like Sour Diesel or Purple Haze and contain 66% CBD. You can use these with any regular vape pen.
Depending on what you’re looking for, the variety of options are clearly there. Read up on the effects before trying it out, do your research and have fun with it. Whether just to experiment, or looking to relieve pain long term, you’re bound to find something that suits your CBD needs right here.
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