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What Arbitration law decides for you? Is it for you? And how is It?

Submitted by Jamesnoble on Sun, 02/19/2023 - 20:35

Is Private Arbitration law for you?

Did you know that you can get an impartial, independent decision regarding the division of your relationship property (and even your child custody matters) from an experienced Brisbane family lawyer who can make, essentially, the same decision as a Judge so you can move on quickly?

How is Private Arbitration law?
Not many people know that there are some very experienced family lawyers in Brisbane (make sure you get an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer working for you) who have often much more experience than the Judges of the Courts that can make decisions for you and your former partner based on the same terms a Judge would consider.

This is how you get your family law matter sorted without the massive cost that going to Court or even a mediation would cost.

Mediation Costs: You each need your own lawyer for Arbitration Law and pay for a go-between lawyer to do the intermediary work.

The problem with mediation is, that even though you have a reasonable chance of reaching an outcome, it is through negotiation with two lawyers fighting on each side. You generally end up in the middle ground of where you started.

What Arbitration law decides for you BASED ON THE LAW?
Provide the information/instructions from each side separately (as you would to your individual family lawyers anyway) and instead of the fight between the lawyers, the one highly experienced lawyer weighs the evidence and then allows you to attend a joint session (only if the parties wish and if it is appropriate) to make the rest of your case.

It is the best, most efficient, cost-effective, stress-free method of obtaining the outcome that is right without wading through the Court system that can take many years.

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