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What Are the Benefits of Aluminium Picture Frame Moulding?

Submitted by Noelle on Wed, 02/21/2024 - 00:02

Looking for a custom picture frame for your treasured works of art? Read this blog from INTCO Framing to discover the benefits of aluminium picture frame moulding.

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Achieve a Sleek + Modern Aesthetic
  If you’re hoping to achieve a more modern interior finish in your home, aluminium picture frame moulding is the ideal choice. Thanks to the smooth look of aluminium material, these types of frames give off a much sleeker appearance than gilded or embossed frames made out of wood.

  It’s for this reason that aluminium picture frame moulding is a popular choice in commercial spaces, as well as minimal or modern-style homes.

  Simple Installation and Adjustment
  One of the best things about aluminium picture frame moulding is the simplicity of installation and adjustment. Rather than having to use glue or nails to secure each length of material, a simple selection of screws can be used instead.

  As a result, the frame can be adjusted easily if necessary, ideal for a bespoke piece or making small tweaks and changes. This can be done without damaging the frame, allowing it to last for decades to come.

  Resistant to Moisture, Humidity and Warmer Temperatures
  While some materials can warp or swell when exposed to warmth, humidity or moisture, aluminium offers a unique resistance to all three of these factors. This makes it the perfect material for every home, particularly those with exposure to hotter climates or increased air moisture. Say goodbye to rust and warping and hello to secure and well-protected pieces of art.

  Ideal for Self-Assembly
  If you’re short on time (or patience) and prefer your picture frame to offer simple assembly, aluminium picture frame moulding is an ideal solution. While your picture frame moulding company will handle all the complex steps anyway, you’ll be relieved to hear that this style of frame requires no specialist tools or equipment.

  Simply follow the assembly instructions and enjoy your work of art!