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What are the types of virtual events?

Face-to-face meetings and interactions have always been important but the pandemic made us realize that we can achieve a lot through virtual events as well. Virtual events were businesses' only hope during the pandemic. They not only saved many businesses and organizations from going down but also created and flourished new businesses. There are countless advantages to virtual events that any business or organization can’t deny. They’ve been the game-changer and in this blog, we will be listing for you all types of virtual events that you can include in your business and benefit from. Webinars

Let’s talk about webinars first. Webinars are similar to seminars but are held via the web. They’re the most common type of virtual event and can be accessed any time of the day. In webinars, mostly one topic is discussed by the speaker and the audience gets to participate in it through QnA sessions, polls and interactive chat. Webinars are mostly live and only a certain number of people attend them which are relatively shorter than other types of virtual events. Webinars are mostly popular among the educational centres as they’re a great option to present lectures, presentations and discussions on topics. Webinars can be accessed through a link which is sent to you by the speaker through email, on their social media platforms, or on their websites. Online Workshops Online workshops are another great type of virtual event. They’re like courses provided on different topics and subjects but online. The purpose of online workshops is to train the students and provide them with knowledge on a particular skill, or topic. They’re presented in the form of audio, videos, texts, and infographics. Just like other courses, workshops are conducted by professionals in those subjects and they’re a great way for students to learn about a certain topic easily from anywhere by instructors from all over the world. Many businesses also conduct online workshops for their employees to learn more skills that are required for the job. Hybrid Events

Another amazing type of virtual event is the hybrid event. They’re the most preferred type of events by businesses and organizations as they cater to both online and onsite audiences, due to which you get to reach a wider audience through hybrid events. It is a combination of an in-person event and a virtual event. In a hybrid event, you get to interact socially with the audience that is present onsite as well as with those that are attending through the internet. They’re also cheaper as you don’t need to fly in all of the attendees, but only those who presence physically is required or those who are easily available to attend in-person, the others can attend the event online.
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