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What are Xml Sitemaps

What are XML sitemaps?
A website's key pages are listed in an XML sitemap file so that Google can easily identify and index them all. Also, it assists in the structure-understanding of search engines. You want Google to index all of your website's essential pages. However, occasionally, pages are created without internal links connecting to them, making it difficult to discover them. The finding of material can be sped up with a sitemap. Learn the SEO module, get to know the XML sitemap, and join the digital marketing courses in Bangalore.
What kinds of websites require an XML sitemap?
Sitemaps are advantageous for "very huge websites," "websites with vast archives," "new websites with only a few external connections to it," and "websites which contain rich media stuff," according to Google's instructions. Google claims that effective internal linking should make it simple for it to discover all of your material. Unfortunately, a lot of websites do not carefully consider how to logically link their contents together.
What pages need to be included in your XML sitemap?
What criteria do you use to choose the pages for your XML sitemap? Always begin by considering the relevancy of a URL: is the outcome when a visitor gets on a certain URL positive? Do you want others to visit that URL? If not, it most likely doesn't belong there. However, you must use a "no index" tag if you don't want that URL to show up in the search results. Even if you exclude the URL from your sitemap, Google will still index it. Google can index a URL if it can discover it by following links.
How has your sitemap been noticed by Google?
You must include your XML sitemap in your Google Search Console account if you want Google to locate it more quickly. Your sitemaps may be found in the "Sitemaps" section. If not, you can top the page with your sitemap.
Including your sitemap makes it easier to determine whether Google has indexed every page on your site. We advise additional investigation if there is a significant discrepancy between a sitemap's "submitted" and "indexed" numbers. Perhaps there is a mistake preventing certain pages from being indexed? You may also require extra links pointing at the information that hasn't yet been indexed.
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