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What is easily the most fun and powerful lightning build to make use of for Elden Ring 2023

What is easily the most fun and powerful lightning build to make use of for Elden Ring 2023, here we’ll provide you with a new Elden Ring lightning build after 1.08 with stats, weapons, talismans, armor, buffs, items, spells, and tips.

Stats (Level 150)

For the amount of 150 stats, you need to heavily purchase faith along with a decent quantity of vigor, a little bit of endurance, and anything else is up to you, however, you need 20 strength for that Jellyfish Shield.

Elden Ring Items

- Vigor 50

- Mind 25

- Endurance 26

- Strength 20

- Dexterity 15

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 70

- Arcane 14

Weapons & Equipment

Jellyfish Shield is really a unique Greatshield that mainly scales with strength. And the Gravel Stone Seal is really a good weapon that primarily scales with faith, it's used for lightning incantations. As many buffs are active, only use the Jellyfish Shield in cases like this, for those who have time maybe cast Howl, however, it could be a little bit hard to do, as the boss might be able to hit you at range while you are using that, Golden Vow is one thing that you could use again because as your dream goes on which will wear out too.

- Gravel Stone Seal +25

- Jellyfish Shield

Flask of Wondrous Physick

You may use the lightning tear and defense tier to get a lot of defense with this type of build.

- Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

- Opaline Hardtear

Buffs and Spells

For the buffs, a few longer-duration Elden Ring Items are recommended, this build uses simple stuff like Jellyfish Shield, Howl of Shabriri, and Golden Vow to improve damage at full HP. The first step is by using the tear, then procuring the Black Dumpling when you are mad, which provides you an extra 10 generic damage, you are able to switch it for any other helm. Then you are likely to tap her off your FP and employ Golden Vow, the very last thing you are likely to do after filling FP may be the Jellyfish Shield, Howl of Shabriri, then reach cast Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike for massive damage.

Build Tips

This is most likely one of the most fun builds to make use of in Elden Ring, Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike may be the pillar of faith builds, the best way forward is to be near to an enemy although not too close, and ensure you fully charge the cast throughout and then release it, you'll do massive harm to the majority of bosses. This is definitely the build you need to start out with if you are trying to do Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike.

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