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What is Robots.txt

What is Robots.txt?
The URL of a website that a search engine crawler may visit is specified in a robots.txt file. This is mostly planned to prevent your website from becoming overstuffed with queries; it is not a method of keeping a website off of Google. Use noindex to control the indexing of a page or password-protect it to prevent Google from finding it. However, one can learn more in detail about this by taking up digital marketing courses in Bangalore.
In fact, robots.txt files specify which user agents (web-crawling software) are permitted to crawl certain areas of a website. The behavior of certain (or all) user agents is "disallowed" or "allowed" according to these crawl guidelines.
How do they work?
Search engines scan websites by following links to go from one site to another, eventually visiting many billions of links and domains. The term "spidering" is occasionally used to describe this crawling motion.
The crawler will seek a robots.txt file after visiting a website but before spidering it. If there is one, the crawler will read it before proceeding on to the rest of the page. The details discovered in the robots.txt file will direct additional crawler action on this specific site since it includes instructions on how the search engine should crawl. The user-agent will continue to crawl other content on the site if the robots.txt file does not include any directives that forbid user-agent activity (or if the site does not have a robots.txt file).
Why is it required?
Crawler access to particular parts of your website is managed via robots.txt files. Although it might be quite risky to unintentionally prevent Googlebot from scanning your entire website (!!), there are several instances where a robots.txt file can be really helpful.
Below mentioned are the benefits of Robots.txt
Maintaining duplicate information out of search engine results (note that meta-robots is often a better choice for this)
Maintaining whole websites (like the staging site for your technical team) Hidden
Not permitting internal search results in pages to emerge on a public SERP
Identifying the sitemap's location (s)
Controlling some files on your website from being indexed by search engines (images, PDFs, etc.)
Defining a crawl hold to prevent crawlers from loading numerous pieces of material at once and overloading your servers
Where do they go on your website?
Search engines and other web-crawling robots (like Facebook's Facebot crawler) are aware to seek for a robots.txt file whenever they visit a site. However, they'll just search the primary directory for that file (typically your root domain or homepage). When a user agent accesses and cannot see a robot's file there, it assumes the website lacks one and crawls the entire page (and maybe even the entire site). Even if the robots.txt page may be located at, for instance, or, user agents would not be able to see it, and the site would be handled as if it contained no robots file at all.
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