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What's The Lighthouse Project effect in Brisbane, Australia?

Submitted by Jamesnoble on Wed, 01/18/2023 - 21:25

About The Lighthouse Project effect in Brisbane
The Lighthouse Project came into effect in the Brisbane Registry of the Family and Federal Circuit Court of Australia in early 2021. It is a pilot program designed to assist the most vulnerable participants in parenting matters with concerns as to family violence, abuse or neglect, substance issues, and other safety issues.

Why The Lighthouse Project?
The main aim of The Lighthouse Project is to identify risk and provide parties with additional support and resources whilst triaging their matter appropriately and prioritizing the same in the Court system.

After a parenting application has been commenced, the parties will both be required to complete an online questionnaire through the “Family Doors Triage”. The information provided, whilst confidential, is used for risk screening purposes and will assist with the matter being categorized as either high, moderate, or low risk.

Specialist Registrars and family counselors will then determine the appropriate pathway for the matter including referrals and case management tailored specifically for each matter having regard to the circumstances of the case. This can include Alternate Dispute Resolution, referrals to appropriate support services, or obtaining specialist reports.

Family violence and Safety concerns
If the matter is categorized as high risk for family violence and other safety concerns, this will involve the matter being allocated to the Evatt List. The Evatt List operates with a highly experienced Judge led support team that focuses on early information gathering and early intervention.

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