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Why Equinox Patio Covers Are a Great Investment for Your Home

A sleek, luxurious and value for money patio cover is what every homeowner desires. Depending on the budget and shading requirements, you get plenty of shading solutions. However, picking the right patio cover is important because you are going to make one significant investment to transform the outdoors.
When we are talking about ‘great investment’ the cheap plastic or fabric patio covers that come with a limited lifespan certainly don’t make sense. On the other hand, we have this wonderful and top-rated shading solution called Equinox patio covers. 

These are the stylish looking movable patio covers that feature a motorized operation. Whether it is sunny or raining outside, you can position the angle of the louvers to choose between a filtered shade or a fully closed patio roof. Amazing isn’t it? Let’s discuss more and find out why Equinox has become one of the most preferred patio covers Austin.
What are the benefits of Equinox louvered roof?
Get your dream patio:
Equinox louvered roofs don’t come as a kit, they are precision engineered extruded aluminum louvers that can be customized as per your requirements and style preferences.
Customizable roof is definitely the best choice because it allows you to create a patio roof that complements your existing style. Whether your home features the ranch style or your architectural preferences reflect a contemporary taste, the beams and rafters of this wonderful roofing solution can be picked in your choice of style. 
Moreover, you can add tons of accessories to make it a dream patio. The smart design allows hassle-free integration of misters, heaters, lighting systems or rain and wind sensors.  
User friendly
The roofing solution comes with a motorized operation. Imagine you are hosting a Sunday brunch and it starts raining. For a basic louvered roof, drizzles may spoil your mood but with Equinox louvered roof you can enjoy the sumptuous delicacies with your loved ones uninterrupted. 
A touch of a button can change the angle of the louvers and in a moment your filtered patio shade becomes a fully closed roof. No hassles, no interruptions, just a touch of a button and voila. Remote controlled roof doesn’t just offer convenience but also offers a chance to impress your guests. 
Value for money investment:
Equinox louvered roof can be solar powered and the motorized operation features high quality elements. The roofing system is made from top-grade aluminum extrusions moreover, it is considered a value for money investment because of the 20 years limited warranty. 
Longer lifespan and warranty covered operations offer peace of mind and therefore it becomes the top-rated choice for patio transformations. 
What is the cost of Equinox patio covers in Austin?
The cost of a patio cover depends on certain factors, such as the size of the patio, the style you pick, the level of customization and the associated installation fee. Visit a dealer near you and consult an experienced patio installer to get a detailed cost breakup. 
On average, you have to spend anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000. Keep in mind that no two roofs are the same, depending on the preferences and the complexity of installation significantly impacts the final cost, so it is best to consult an Equinox patio installer. 

Which is the best Equinox patio installer in Austin?
If you are from Austin and searching for the best contractor, make sure to connect with an Equinox certified patio installer. Their license and certification protect the 20 year limited warranty on the roofing solution. You can search online and compare different options based on their installation charges and customer service standards. 
A safe and reliable option is Bluebonnet Patio Covers. It is among the top-rated patio installers offering high quality shading solutions like structall patio covers and Equinox patio coversConnect with the premium roofing company to get a quote for the Equinox patio roof.