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The Future of Data Center Cooling: Sustainable Solutions for a Warmer World

How much energy do you think the world's data centers will consume in 2024 or by 2026? Projections suggest that by 2026, data center cooling systems could consume a staggering 1000 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity, nearly doubling the current consumption levels of 460TWh in 2022, which already accounted for a whopping 2% of global electricity usage. As our digital infrastructure continues its relentless expansion to meet surging data demands, the environmental toll of powering and cooling these mission-critical facilities could become catastrophic without urgent action.

Climaveneta's Air Source Heat Pumps: For Sustainable Comfort

Climaveneta, a brand of Mitsubishi, is the leading innovator of heat pumps and chillers in India. We are now a master at leveraging renewable energy in such a way that our heat pumps deliver unparalleled comfort, at the same time, they are best at reducing the carbon footprint. At its heart, our air source heat pumps are meticulously designed to deliver a wide range of installations but Climaveneta India mainly deals with 2 types of functions in heat pumps. Reversible heating and cooling, and only heating.

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