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How to avoid falling prey in the trading market

Every novice investor in trading, and those who have little experience, can avoid falling into a loss and not be prey in the trading market due to the strong dealings of the stock market players and their huge experience, which gives them preference and priority to achieve gains, while new investors and owners of small investments are at a loss, so there are some tips. Which will help avoid incurring huge losses at the beginning of investment and trading, which are:

How to invest in stocks and choose the best ones

Investing in stocks requires a lot of knowledge, as choosing the right stock for investment is not an easy matter. We often see some people who pay all their savings to buy stocks and invest in the stock market, but are exposed to huge losses. This results from their poor selection of stocks and their misunderstanding of the mechanism of the money market. Therefore, there are some factors that will help each person choose the appropriate stocks for investment, including:

Selecting stocks

Success in stock trading depends largely on choosing the best stocks carefully. There are stocks that are suitable for the daily speculation strategy, there are stocks that are suitable for short-term investment, and others that are only suitable for long-term investment, so it is necessary to determine the strategy to be followed and then choose the stocks that suit each strategy in the form Which ensures achieving the best results, and therefore there are some factors that will help the trader choose the best stocks for trading, including:

Members of the Board of Directors of Shams Company

Below is a file of the members of the Board of Directors of Shams Tourism Projects Company: -
توقعات سهم شمس تويتر
Abdul Hamdi Abdullah Muhammad Al-Turaif: Executive Director of the company.
Prince Mishal Saud Abdulaziz Al Saud: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shams Company.
Nader Rashid Mohammed Al Nasser: Managing Director of the company.

Saudi stock recommendations via mobile phone

There are many applications that help you know Saudi stock recommendations on mobile for free, and the best application is the application dedicated to Saudi stock recommendations, and the application must be characterized by accuracy and transparency so that traders can start with an expected closing session every day.توصيات الأسهم السعودية على الجوال مجاناً

How to sell old shares in Al Rajhi

Many clients at Al Rajhi Financial Corporation are searching for how do I know that I have old Al Rajhi shares to sell, as Al Rajhi shares are among the most important stocks in the Saudi financial market, which bring their owners a lot of profits and give them many advantages, and old shares in Al Rajhi can be sold using... Al Rajhi Trading Application is as follows:
كيف اعرف اسهمي برقم الهوية

home maintenance companies dubai

The home maintenance companies dubai, fixi, provides several general maintenance services in Dubai to repair and improve buildings. We are proud of our well-trained and qualified work team, who has extensive experience in the field of general maintenance. We use the latest technologies and tools to provide the best services and solutions available to our clients.

Stock trading strategies

One of the foundations of learning how to buy shares and trade them on the stock exchange is understanding trading strategies and learning how to use them in order to succeed in trading. Strategies in the world of trading are among the basics of improving the investor’s chances of achieving the desired profits, in addition to reducing the percentage of potential risks.
كيف اشتري الاسهم

Does the legality of shares differ by country?

The legitimacy of trading in shares does not differ according to the origin of the company, whether it is Arab or American. Rather, what the legitimacy of a stock is measured by is its compliance with regulations and legislation. When you buy shares in a company, it means that you have ownership rights, and when you buy a group of shares from an international company, such as Exxon Mobile means that you are a partial owner, and you can make profit in these ways:


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