Blade and soul gold on the zone you are in

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The essences you need depend on the zone you are in. Up until level 45, for the Blade and Soul gold site most part, you can acquire these essences by simply killing the world bosses present in the surrounding areas (There are also a few wheels that require ‘valor stones’ to use but i will discuss this Blade and Soul gold site later in the article). After level 45 you may find a few wheels that take other items as ‘currency’ which allows you to use them.

These guys are pretty tough

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These guys are pretty tough at level. If you are looking to farm the insignias as soon as BNS gold you reach the area be sure to either have a few people in your group or party with a high level character who can carry you. Trying to solo him at level will more than likely get you killed.

In this article we will attempt to  list all the ‘main’ ingredients used in Blade & Soul for crafting, upgrading, quests etc BNS gold. Read the descriptions on the screenshots to see what and where they can used for.

Soul Shields also known as blade and soul gold

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What is a Soul Shield (Bo-pae) in Blade & Soul?
Soul Shields also known as Bo-paes are unique to Blade & Soul. They basically act buy Blade and Soul gold as an extra ‘piece’ of equipment which increase your offensive & defensive capabilities. As Doboks (armor) do not have any influence in increasing your stats in game, soul shields are seen as a kind of replacement for them in Blade & Soul.

How to Stockpile Food for Survival

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What Makes An Excellent Caterer?

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As an beforehand assemblage

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