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Australian dreams

Submitted by pokies222 on Tue, 05/10/2022 - 04:46

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I'm 25. And I always want to try to write a book. A huge big book about the lives of many characters. Then I think that fantasy should be in life and of course I think that it would be cool to add not quite real characters.
So what is your dream? How often do you daydream about something? I want to write my own book about what you need to dream. Dreams come true if you believe in them.I used to work at an unloved job that took all my life energy from me. Now, I am happy thanks to free Australian pokies of Pokieslab I earn so much that I can just enjoy life and the bonuses that come with more online pokies, bonuses.
I'm like that character from the game who has been looking for treasure for a long time and finally found it. It's cool and wonderful) What do you think about it?
Isn't this a dream? When you dream of a big prize and it goes into your hands from pokies.  Just like that.