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Zhuzhou Zonco Sinotech Wear-Resistant Material Co., Ltd.

Zhuzhou Zonco Sinotech Wear-resistant Material Co,. LTD. is a factory which is focused on precision of wear resistant components and new materials research and production, marketing, meanwhile, we offer cost effective products and material option solution for those customers who seek high performance products used in extreme complex working condition.

Main products: hard alloy wear-resistant parts, metal matrix composite wear-resistant parts, superhard powder materials, etc.

Our company has a strong ability of transforming scientific research to actual production. We can make large quantity with low cost. The products are widely used in oil and natural gas drilling and mining, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pump valve, solar energy, nuclear energy, military industry, automobile, mining construction machinery, advanced materials and other industries.

Address : Building A3, Minor Enterprises Promotion Park, Huanghe Road(N), Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou ,Hunan ,China
Tel: +86 132 0336 6590 / +86 139 7335 9121


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