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5 Reasons To Choose Optipro Distribution Boards

Submitted by sjukunte on Mon, 06/21/2021 - 03:08

Electricity is the most important thing, and that's one thing no one can live without these days. The main factor that keeps the electricity going is a distribution board. A distribution board (DB) is the primary electrical supply system for a commercial or residential area. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the electrical power feeds.

Distribution boards online are much more than just enclosures; they are an overall system that helps with electrical distribution in your home. Here are five reasons why you should choose Optipro distributions boards from Indoasian instead of the ordinary ones:

Importance Of DBs

Distribution boards are versatile for homes, offices, and other places. They can be bought as empty boxes, ready-to-use wired standard units, or something made explicitly according to the buyer's electrical preference. 
The best part about an electrical board is that it can be appropriately distributed and used for separate parts of your building as long as a switch disconnector controls each panel. 

1.Wide Range

The best part about the Optipro range of distribution boards is that they have a wide range to choose from, making them liked by customers. They have DBS with SPN, TPN, VTPN, seven-segment, phase selector, plugs, and socket type. This range has so many options that it can project to all your needs.

Having a wide range of circuit breakers is always beneficial since it can cater to different news, and everyone can find their type exactly when they want.

2.Maximum Safety

They have high degrees of protection in double door DBs; they are designed so that they are made to be extremely safe so people can use them without getting scared of short circuits or any electrical damage. 

They have a specially designed cement protector that does not allow dust and other particles to come inside and cause damage. Once construction is over, the cement protector can easily be removed. 


Another good thing about Optipro is its sleek and minimal, and Optipro distribution boards can look good on any wall. Its fresh and innovative design is impressive and can help go well with any of your walls in the house.
They look aesthetically pleasing and have many options available to pick from, so you can choose the one that suits your interiors.


They are made and created in a way that makes them easy and innovative. For example, the knob of the distribution system is sleeping with less projection on the surface. They are very creative and are perfect for smart homes with smart electrical designs. 


The Optipro distribution boards are long-lasting since they are made in a way that does not cause any damage and does not have to be replaced constantly. Therefore, they are worth the money you invest in them since they last you a long time. 

Check IndoAsian out; they have a wide range of electrical products from distribution boards to aesthetic switching applications that are high-quality and do the job well.