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About doll's wigs for sex

Submitted by aldollsale on Thu, 09/29/2022 - 21:43

Take the wig out of the water and wash it under clean warm water until all shampoo is washed off. Then, gently squeeze the wig to get rid of excess water. Wrap the wig in an absorbent towel and dry any remaining water. Avoid the direct sun for a short time, and allow the wig to air dry at a cooler area. When you're done, take it off and lightly brush it using a comb to get rid of the tangles. Oil and put it away.

Tips to style the wig of love dolls

Sometimes, it's necessary to comb the teen sex doll's hair without washing it. In this instance, take the wig off the shemale sex doll's head in order to avoid damaging the skin. Before you use the brush to gently clean you teeth starting from point to the root and then use your fingers to manage the knots before using an water bottle and spray warm water onto the wig, causing it to become damp. Don't pull it too hard to prevent excessive shed. Naturally, some tiny amount of shed is normal.

How do you wear a mini sex doll's wig in a proper manner?

A lot of people believe that this is simple as putting it on your head, but it's not.

Method One: The simplest method of wearing the wig is to put it around your head in the manner of an ordinary hat. The elastic side will hold it in place on the edges of your head. This isn't a good alternative, however it could be worn easily.

Method 2 Method 2: This is a more secure and more secure method. In the beginning, you must put on a cap for wigs. gently slide the wig towards at the very top of your cap, then adjust it all the way around. Next, make use of a hair clip to secure the wig and the edge of the portion of the wig cap.

Method 3. Similar to the method 2 however stronger and more durable. Avoid using hair clips. Use Velcro to secure the wig cap and the cap. It is simple to wear and simple to remove!

Wigs for sex dolls that are clean and cared for

TIP: Do not use dark wigs for dolls for sex to prevent discoloring the skin. Furthermore glues and wigs could cause skin irritation of dolls that are sex, drastically reducing their lifespan. Another tip is to stay clear of using elastic bands that are too tight to secure the wig since it can cause marks and dents if used over a long period of time. Choose the right size of wig for the mini sex doll Then brush it, and clean it.