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Submitted by dwdfw12 on Tue, 09/27/2022 - 00:14

MCB is the abbreviation of Miniature Circuit Breaker, and some people call it Micro Circuit Breaker or small Circuit Breaker. Due to various reasons, such as incorrect connection or over-current conditions, a short circuit or overload may occur in the circuit. MCB is similar to a fuse. The only difference is that the fuse needs to be replaced after it is blown, while the miniature circuit breaker can be easily reset by clicking or pressing a button when overloaded.

What is AC MCB?

Alternating current, also known as 60hz or 60 cycles per second, is what drives the power grid. The voltage alternates between +V and -V, changing 60 times per second. A voltage of 0 volts occurs 60 times per second at a certain point. The AC miniature circuit breaker will disconnect at this 0v point, extinguish the arc, and protect the circuit from excessive current.

There are many types of AC miniature circuit breakers on the market. However, the correct MCB should be selected according to the place of use.

Because AC currents alternate and their values are zero during each cycle, arc interruption is relatively simple. In every country, the number of alternating current cycles per second has been standardized, and in most cases, it is 60 Hz or 50 Hz. The grid usually provides alternating current, while specialized industrial or battery applications often use direct current.