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Acrylic Wedding Invitation: The ongoing Vogue


A wedding is a negotiation between the groom’s and bride’s family. Therefore, all the arrangements of weddings are carried out mutually. Weddings cannot be impromptu even if it is small budgeted and an intimate one. The first step to coax your wedding in a grandeur way is to select your wedding invitation card, which eventually will get distributed to all your guests. Here, in this article, you will get to know about Clear wedding invitations .

What is an acrylic wedding invitation?

It is a unique form of wedding invitation. Unlike the conventional form of wedding invitation card, it is not made up of paper. An acrylic wedding invitation is an invitation made up of polyethylene and other material. It is excellent, complex, and brittle. An acrylic wedding card is a transparent material. On top of it, the designs are sculpted/ printed or decorated.

Like any other typical wedding invitation, all the wedding details are printed on the acrylic invitations. To be very precise, it is etched.

What are the themes of the acrylic invitation cards?

There are many themes prevalent in this time used in acrylic wedding invitations cards. You can select a composition according to your wish, and you can even customize it for your purpose. Before resorting to a piece, it is better to gain a little information about it. There are some standard theme norms that many people follow. These are as follows:

  1. The Royal Theme: Acrylic wedding invitation card which follows this theme symbolizes royalty. Invitation card follows traditional look (mostly gives an essence of the family ritual or caste)
  2. The Vintage Theme: The acrylic wedding invitation card that follows the vintage theme is very subtle and light in color. You can recommend the vintage theme if you are organizing your wedding in the daytime.
  3. The Party Theme: The party theme on acrylic wedding invitation cards gives vibrant vibes. It will suit the best if you are organizing your wedding with a full-on swing.
  4. The customized one: You can customize your acrylic wedding card invitation according to your demand. You can even customize it to the extent that every acrylic invitation card would be different.

Where to find these acrylic wedding invitation cards?

You can select an acrylic wedding invitations card through the internet or any website which offers the same. Otherwise, you can find it in a printing press shop and get it done.
They will show a portfolio of their work and if you like any one of them. Ask them to do your acrylic wedding invitations like that or otherwise. You can direct them if you want any other changes.


Before getting your acrylic wedding card invitation printed, you should keep the number of cards in your mind as it would be a colossal mess afterward to keep the count. Acrylic wedding invitations are certainly an excellent option to go for. Anyway, we wish you an auspicious wedding ceremony and a lifetime of togetherness.