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All You Need To Know About Skullcap And Its Benefits

Skullcap or Scitellaria lateriflora causes people to feel sleepy and gets used to treat anxiety, insomnia and other conditions. These plants are native to the US and Europe and belong to the mint family.
The name means “little dish”, as the flowers resemble a dish or helmet-like shape. Various parts of the skullcap, such as the roots and leaves, get used in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine. They treat various diseases like cholera, diarrhea and chronic pain and get converted into supplements to provide health benefits. 
How Does SkullCap Get Used?
The Chinese and Native Americans have used skullcaps in their traditional medicine for centuries. In North America, the leaves of this perennial herb get used to treating anxiety and convulsions
The Chinese variant gets located in China and parts of Asia up to Russia. It gets known by the name of Huang Qin and treats people suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, respiratory infections and inflammation.
The Chinese variety also treats fevers, gastrointestinal issues and liver diseases. Both these variants of skullcap get available in the form of supplements like Lung Flush Omega Alpha. They get used in alternative medicine and have several potential health benefits.
What Are The Health Benefits Of Skullcap?
Boosts Mood And Decreases Anxiety:
Skullcap helps to boost mood and reduce anxiety levels. It stimulates the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that helps calm nerves. Skullcap also has a sedative effect making people suffering from insomnia fall asleep.
Shows Antibacterial & Antiviral Effects:
Certain types of skullcaps show antiviral and antibacterial effects. Skullcaps reduce the bacterial load on the lungs and reduce inflammation. 
Has Anti-cancer And Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Skullcap contains the antioxidant flavone that prevents the spread of cancerous cells. It gets used in natural cancer treatment as it slows down tumor growth and induces apoptosis. 
You can use skullcap detox formulations like Lung Flush to treat brain tumors, prostrate cancers and squamous cell carcinomas.
Skullcaps contain anti-inflammatory properties that protect your cells from damage-causing free radicals. Baicalin, a type of flavonoid found in skullcaps, helps combat oxidative stress caused due to free radicals.
Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, people suffering from arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease can get remedies. The anti-inflammatory trait in skullcap helps to cure Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
The Sullcap Roots Treat Diabetes:
The skullcap herb regulates insulin and glucose. If you take skullcap supplements, such as Lung Flush Review, it can increase the production of insulin by the pancreas. This helps to regulate the level of insulin in the body. It also lowers blood cholesterol levels which exacerbates diabetes. 
It Detoxifies& Cleanses Your Body:
If you make tea using the skullcap herb, it detoxifies the body and boosts overall health. It increases the production of antioxidants in the liver, subsequently increasing its efficiency. Skullcap of the Chinese variant reduces the toxin level in the body and blood, improving health and wellness.
Reduces Risk Of Heart Diseases:
Skullcap helps lower cholesterol levels in the heart, reducing the chances of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, etc. It also reduces the chances of coronary issues and strokes due to the deposition of plaques in the arteries.
Therefore, skullcaps got used in traditional medicine for centuries and get now used in supplements due to their health benefits.