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Alts are an integral part of MMOs

A relatively simple, yet often overlooked reason to create an Lost Ark Gold (without even beginning the leveling process) is to reserve your name.

As time goes on, the likelihood of you getting the name you want for your new characters only goes down (the popularity of Lost Ark adding to this decreasing likelihood). That means you’ll either have to find a whole new name that you’ll likely resonate less with, or add a bunch of repeat or new letters to the one you want, so head on over to that character creation screen ASAP!

7 Spice Up Your Playstyle

Alts are an integral part of MMOs, since they create variety, especially for when either content starts drying up, or when you start getting tired of (or just need a break from) the playstyle of your main.

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On an even more practical note, learning the spells and mechanics of different classes will add to your overall game knowledge, enabling you, for example, to give advice about classes that aren’t your main more freely. In any case, the combat of this game is fluid, flashy, and fun, and experiencing this through multiple avenues can be refreshing and rewarding.

6 Easier To Fit Into Groups

Lost Ark isn’t subjected to the “holy trinity” of dps, healer, tank like many other MMOs are Lost Ark Gold buy, therefore making all the classes viable in endgame. But, some parties (both private and public lobbies) may still prefer certain classes over others to fill their last spot or two.