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Are aluminum patio covers noisy when it rains

So you have decided to give your front yard a makeover with the very popular option of an aluminum patio cover. You said, “ No one can stop me from getting that patio furniture from the wish list now, because today I will search for the best supplier of aluminum patio covers near me.
Internet based research is great, convenient and time-saving. However, while reading about aluminum patio covers you can come across many suspicious things like disadvantages and downsides. For instance, you might come across the notion that aluminum patios are loud when it rains. Keep on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of aluminum patio covers. Let’s find out if it’s noisy or loud while raining.

Does an aluminum patio roof make noise?
Aluminum patio covers are made from hollow beams and rafters. Hence, it is obviously going to make some sound when it rains. However, deciding if the sound is noisy or average is subjective. Some might enjoy the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. It is not as noisy as you would imagine, the tiny dings are somewhat pleasing to enjoy a deep slumber on weekends.
Moreover, there are different types of products and apparently, the design of the roof also plays a crucial role in making it noisy or less loud during the rainy season. To put it simply, a hollow aluminum structure can make some sort of sound but the design specifications can make a world of difference in the noise level.
Which are your options to build an aluminum patio cover?
You get three types of aluminum patio covers. The lattice covers are basically a grid of hollow beams which are obviously going to make some noise. Secondly, there are flat sheets of aluminum used for making louvered roof systems. The flat shape contributes a lot to reducing the noise level. Then there are insulated aluminum panels that are very popular among homeowners who want a completely shaded patio roof. The insulated foam layer sandwiched between aluminum makes these panels extremely noise-free.
What are the pros and cons of aluminum patio roofs?
Regardless of the type of design you use for your aluminum patio cover, you might want to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things that you must understand before investing:

  1. Aluminum comes is pre-finished dust proof coating hence you don’t have to paint or polish the finished structure
  2. Aluminum patio covers don’t rot, degrade or get corrosive over time. They are definitely the most durable choice for outdoor installation.
  3. Unlike wood patio covers, you don’t have to worry about coating the structure in a termite-resistant solution every now and then.
  4. Aluminum is way more affordable compared to wood patio covers
  5. They are very easy to install and available in various colors and finishes even allow enhancing the aesthetics of an outdoor seating space

Aluminum has indeed become the unrivaled hero for patio covers. That doesn’t mean it has no downsides. One for sure is the level of sound. Compared to wooden beams, aluminum structures can be a little bit noisy during the rainy season. Aluminum gets dents very easily and if you opt for a cheaper product it might even degrade the appearance of your outdoors. So make sure to invest in a robust quality product that precisely imitates the wood grain finish.
Bottom line
Noisy or not, aluminum patio covers are still a great alternative to wooden patio covers. The noise-free roof option listed above can be found at Bluebonnet Patio Covers. They are recognized as the leaders in premium patio roofing materials.