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Are retractable screens a good idea?

Bugs, harsh sun, winds, rain or nosy neighbours are some of the most common hurdles that stop people from making the most out of their patio.
Do you want to create an outdoor space for relaxation but are not sure how to deal with these challenges? You can try the very popular retractable screens for the patio. With a touch of a button, your patio turns into a private seating space free from dirt, dust, debris or sneaking neighbours. Keep on reading to find out if it’s worth investing in motorized screen rooms.

What are screen patios and how do they work?
Patios can be covered with motorized retractable screens. These screens are very popular for residential as well as commercial applications.
The screen rolls down with just a click of a button to create a nice and cozy outdoor living space. To raise or lower the retractable screens, all you need is either a remote control or a wall mounted switch.
Retractable screens are housed in a sleek aluminum profile. You can connect with a dealer that specializes in creating customized screen patios. Pick a colour from the vast array of screen colours to make sure that the patio makeover syncs with the existing décor scheme. Further, you can also opt for varying screen fabrics depending on your needs. The standard screen fabrics offer insect protection and work best to make your patio bug free. Besides, there are options of 80, 90 or 95% UV rays blocking screen fabrics.
What are the benefits of patio cover screens?
The patio screen enclosure is highly demanded due to the benefits of functionality as well as aesthetics. Here is why you can consider investing in retractable screens for your patio.

  • Optimum privacy: A click of a button can make your patio an additional living space with total privacy. Sit, relax and get cozy without compromising your privacy.


  • Insect protection: No need to worry about bugs anymore. When friends come over and want to sit outside for a chat, all you need is a retractable screen to close the patio and create a nice and comfortable seating space.


  • Weather proofing: Wind, rain, debris or anything else that holds you back from enjoying the outdoor seating area can be tackled efficiently with these screens. No need to get inside if it’s raining or windy outside, simply install a retractable screen and enjoy the outdoors.


  • Great for UV ray protection: The high-end screen fabrics work great to get soaked in the sun without worrying about harsh UV rays. Spend hours reading your favourite books and sipping your favourite drink and blocking the harmful sun rays with the screen rolled down.


  • Unmatched aesthetics: The best part about retractable screens is that they can be rolled up whenever not needed. It gives you the benefit of uncompromised aesthetics. Secondly, the colour options for aluminium housing make it easy to find a shade that gels perfectly with your existing colour scheme.


  • Cost efficiency: The durable quality screens are designed to withstand rain, sun and wind. It is a one-time investment that lasts for a longer time offering value for money performance. Moreover, retractable screens are great for protecting expensive patio furniture. You can save more money on the replacement or maintenance of the outdoor seating with a high performing and durable patio screen.

Final verdict
There are countless benefits of being able to roll down a screen and cover the patio whenever needed. Based on the above listed advantages, it can be said investing in patio screens makes the most sense.
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