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Plasma beauty equipment.
Fibroblast, plasma skin tightening, plasma pen, and fibroblast plasma are several names of this procedure. Historically, it was considered a non-invasive, low-risk procedure and affordable to be more affordable than surgery.
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It is well known that fibroblast skin tightening has been effective in non-surgical eye lift, abdominal tightening, and treatment of excess skin in the throat and other part of the body. Some patients are disposable, and some patients may need to be followed up for 8 weeks after the first surgery.
Results can take two years, but like other treatments for aging, the process can be repeated once a year. The results usually appear immediately after the first treatment and the healing time is 7-10 days, but the full results are more apparent within 8 weeks of the supermic skin healing.
The plasma pen forces the skin tissue, skin and fibroblasts to break down and damage them almost immediately. This minimally invasive injury stimulates new collagen (new collagen production), helps release and activate essential proteins and growth factors like cytokines and fibroblasts, so that more collagen is destroyed than before. Eventually, the excess skin dries out and forms tiny crusts that fall off like dandruff in just a few days. New forms of collagen in up to six months.
Facial Lifting Beauty Care Instrument
Tighten and Enhance Skin: The beauty device can promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, relieve skin pressure, and make the skin more compact and elastic.
Skin reaction branch: The EMS facial cosmetic massager uses needle-free plastic technique to directly enter the skin layer, keep the skin moist and make you younger.
Multi-function: 6 kinds of color light mode beauty equipment, whitening anti-aging, smoothing wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines. Suitable for eyes, face, neck and body.
Radio frequency and electromagnetic wave technology: comprehensive skin care with radio frequency and electronic perforation technology. No pain and high permeability allow the essence to be absorbed better and faster.
Facial cleansing massager, facial cleansing instrument
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