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Best Aeolus Trailer Tires

The Neo Fuel Saving series now offers Aeolus Trailer Tires. The following service conditions are best suited for Aeolus Neo Fuel T3 Tires, which are specifically made for the Trailer application. 1 000–3 000 miles roundtrip. vast distances between states and countries. Very slow rate of wear. Generally consistent loads The Neo Fuel T-3Aeolus Trailer Tires include a number of significant qualities and advantages for customers, including: • Waved wall and optimal linear grooves for handling stability. • Stone Ejector Design at Groove Bottom - Prevents Retention & Damage from Stone. • Full-depth Kerfs - Delivers outstanding traction for the duration of tyre life. • Increased
tread area and optimised foot shape: Increases mileage and reduces separations.

Key Features For Aeolus Trailer Tires
The 295/75 R22.5 Neo Fuel T3 Aeolus Trailer Tire has a load index of 144/141 and a load range of "G" and is currently offered. The tyre has a speed rating of "M" and a 14 Pr Ply rating. The tyre has a load capacity of 6175 lbs and an overall diameter of 39.53 inches ( single). The federal excise tax (FET) on Neo Fuel T3 Aeolus Trailer Tire is USD 25.28. Californians can now buy Aeolus Trailer Tire Neo Fuel T3.Customers can choose to buy them offline as well from Maetrotire