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Best Diamond Shape for Diamonds Rings & Engagement Rings

If you're going to make the right choice and get married, You've made up your mind to pop the question to your girlfriend. However, if you do not choose to purchase a perfect diamond engagement ring, your options are incomplete. You must now select an engagement ring, and you cannot make a mistake. Here we Suggest you some Diamond Rings that can Help you out in that.

Asscher Diamond 

Before buying Asscher Diamonds, we need to know about  Asscher Shape. An Asscher Cut diamond is octagonal in shape, with four square-shaped sides and four square corners. It lacks brilliance but makes up for it with flash and clarity. It has the sparkle of a contemporary cut along with the simple shapes and exquisite clarity of a traditional step cut.

 Marquise Diamond 

A marquise diamond has a longer shape with 56 facets that culminate in points on either side. Additionally, marquise-cut diamonds have a huge amount of face-up space and appear 15% larger than equivalent-carat round diamonds. 

Both diamond shapes are best for Engagement rings, because these shapes come with budget friendly price and customise according to colour, carate, and others. 

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