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Submitted by yoyo lala on Mon, 09/26/2022 - 08:03

You probably know something about the G-spot. A "come toher" motion is often recommended as the best way of stroke it. The silicone pulsator is designed to achieve the same effect. The flat, upward-tilted head of the silicone pulsator thrusts back and forth at speeds that range from "Ooh, this feels nice" to “HOLY SHIT."
Fun Factory toys' thrusting motion is very subtle and insignificant compared to many others. The shape of this toy makes even the smallest movement feel powerful as it glides across the G-spot.
Stability is the key issue. The StronicG tends not to move out of the vagina unless it is held in one hand or braced against something like a pillow. When the thrusts are so concentrated and satisfying, it is difficult to deal with. You squirter should lay down a towel before you use this toy. I'm sure you will be able to trust me!