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Best Tyres For Your Tractor in India - Complete Specifications

Submitted by abhitj on Sat, 06/25/2022 - 03:50

Tyres are one of the essential components of any road transport. They provide traction to the vehicles while ensuring proper grip on the surface. Therefore, we must use strong and durable tyres for safety and better driving control. Various tyre brands provide suitable tyres for cars, buses, tractors, trucks and other vehicles. Some of these brands are CEAT, MRF, Birla, BKT and many more.

Here, we will discuss two popular tractor tyres in India.

CEAT Aayushmaan 12.4 X 28(s)

CEAT is an Italian tyre manufacturer which offers the best-in-class tyres with unique features, and this CEAT tractor tyre is one of its best-selling products. It is a rear tractor tyre with smooth performance and has puncture-resistant technology for longer life. Moreover, this tyre comes with a better retreadibilty along with a unique sea area for self-cleaning. 

The price of CEAT Aayushmaan is affordable and listed on Tractor Junction. 

Birla Shaan 6.50 X 20(s)

This Birla tractor tyre is the perfect choice for your tractor. It is a front tyre with 6.50 X 20 size and offers superb grip on the ground. Moreover, this tyre is designed to avoid slippage, resulting in  better field performance. Apart from this, it has a notch shoulder rib for better stability which is perfect for agriculture and haulage tasks. 

Birla Shaan is available at Tractor Junction for a reasonable price.

For more information regarding tractor tyre size, BKT Tractor Tyre and other farming essentials, stay connected with Tractor Junction.