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BPT Course in India and All related Jobs

Today’s world lifestyle has been changed completely and most of the people going through lot of physical pain. So to overcome from the physical pain they took an appointment at physiotherapist. Physiotherapist is the most popular and most demanded field. If you are interested in how to become the therapist then in India Bachelor of Physiotherapy course is there which has 4.5 years duration with 3 to 4 lakh of course fee in the good college. You should have 10+2 to be complete by appearing a entrance exam for it. The BPT course needs some basic skills like interpersonal skills, science expertise, teamwork abilities, and communication skills. This course is semester based which has total of 8 semesters within 4 years to get the deeper knowledge about it. To get more details about the BPT course visit our official website CheggIndia.