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BSc IT - Jobs and Course Details

Bachelor of Science in IT having same value as IT engineers who came from B.E or B.Tech background. IT is most trending career in all over the world even COVID doesn’t impacted a lot to a IT sector because professional continuously working from home. BSc IT is 3 years of course which helps the candidate to get the knowledge about software development, software testing, web design, computer networking, etc. BSc IT has some specialization like cyber security, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), software development and cloud computing. You need some important skills like problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, technical, proficient software development, team player and others. In India, if you wanted to finish this course in good colleges they are also present in india like in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Jalandhar. BSc IT is a semester pattern course which divided into 6 semesters for 3 years. For more details visit our official website Cheggindia.