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Build a Career in the Automotive Industry

Become involved in the exciting world of cars by enlisting today with the Auto Training Hub (ATC). With campuses in Toronto, Montreal and Surrey, the school offers accessible training for a career in the auto industry Berita otomotif. Here are some of the benefits of studying with ATC:

=> Educators with hands-on experience

=> Small class sizes

=> Full time as well as in your free time courses

=> Job-search assistance

=> Affordable tuition fees

=> Available online courses

In the ever-changing auto industry, demand for impact repair has always been and will remain consistent in good times and bad. Quite simply, accidents will always happen and cars are always going to battle. Therefore that there will be a need for well-trained graduates of impact repair schools and career-training programs.

Impact Repair courses are held at ATC Surrey, the newest Auto Training Hub campus. Situated on nearly 2 miles of land, the easy to get to and set campus boasts over 15, 000 sq feet of progressive and cutting edge training facilities. Students in the Impact Repair Trades school will be full immersed, gaining hands-on experience with the latest equipment, software and tools.

The Auto Auto mechanic Workout provides students with organized learning experiences along with actual shop training, to render them with the necessary knowledge and experience to detect and repair real auto problems.

The combination of both class room theory (40%) and hands-on training (60%) offers the auto auto mechanic student the experiences that are required for entry-level Auto Auto mechanic Jobs. This Auto Auto mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares students to engage in the providing and maintenance of all types and makes of cars. The Auto Training Hub Instructors all have relevant field experience and provide a practical and knowledgeable source of education to your students.

Students are trained using the most modern techniques and technologies available to ensure that they are well prepared to enter the employees. Instruction is both theoretical and practical, and makes use of interactive media and software. Courses offered include:

=> Auto service technician

=> Auto mobile estimator

=> Certification in auto sales and renting

=> Fixed operation specialist

=> Auto service provider

=> Certification in auto describing

=> Auto parts clerk (specialist)

=> Auto service consultant

=> Auto auto mechanic

If you have in mind breaking into the auto industry, the Auto Training Hub has the courses for you. Whether you're interested part-time or full-time study, we can accommodate your needs. Visit our website today to learn more!