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Buy Notifier Fire Alarm Parts: Fire Detector Installation Tips

Is this your first time buying and installing Simplex fire alarm parts like smoke detectors? Here are a few installation tips that will help you with the task. 

Every year a significant percentage of fatalities are reported in Canada caused by fire. It’s the reason why it is imperative to install highly functional fire alarm systems in residential and most importantly commercial buildings. Now, a fire alarm system is an assortment of multiple fire alarm parts with each having a significant role to play in fire detection and extinguishing. In this blog, I will help you understand the importance of a fire detector, along with some handy tips to install it correctly.    

Role of a Fire or Smoke Detector

A fire or smoke detector is a sensor that triggers the alarm in the event of a fire in a building. Usually, there are multiple fire detectors installed across the building including all vulnerable points. When there is fire or smoke the sensor detects the increase in temperature and the smoke. An automatic system directly activates the alarm and the sprinkler system. The timeliness of the smoke detector is essential for early evacuation and the aversion to fatalities in a fire. When you are buying  Simplex fire alarm parts , make sure to invest in a quality smoke/fire detector. 

Fire/Smoke Detector Installation Tips

There are two types of smoke detectors:

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms can detect fire particles as small as smoldering flames.
  • Ionization alarms can detect fire particles in a fast flaming fire through heat detection. 

    There are a few things to keep in mind when installing a smoke or fire alarm in the building. 

  • Along with heat and smoke, there are types of detection equipment that are sensitive to the carbon monoxide in the air. When there is an increase in carbon monoxide concentration in the indoor air, the equipment triggers the alarm even before there is any smoke or rise in temperature. This can happen in smoldering fires, equally harmful to the people inside the building. So, when investing in a smoke or fire detector, see it has carbon monoxide sensitivity as well. 
  • Before installing the smoke detectors in the building it's best to review the government regulations in that particular region so that you can abide by them. It saves you from any legal complications during building inspection and fire safety audits. 
  • If you already have a few old smoke detectors in the building check their functionality before continuing with them. Also, the new set and the old set should be compatible or it can cause errors. If it is older equipment, it’s best to upgrade with a newer version for enhanced functionality of the fire alarm system. Your fire safety is as good as all the parts that make the entire system.
  • Regular maintenance is mandatory for the upkeep of the fire alarm system. If there is any fault in the detectors it can mess up the alarm in the event of a fire. After installation run a preliminary check and then continue the same protocol at regular intervals. 


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    Author Bio:

    Peter Roman is a fire alarm expert who blogs on various topics like tips on buying Notifier fire alarm parts. Here he writes about the installation tips for Simplex fire alarm parts like smoke detectors.