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The cheating Necromancer was not only found in Widijo's games

A number of clips taken from Twitch streaming platform wudijo reveal a powerful cheating technique that was used in D2R Items The D2R Ladder's PvP mode 8v8 Battleground. The videos depict an Necromancer known as Burn who uses a cheater that allows players to use their Bone Spikes ability without a time limit, effectively turning it into a channeled power and causing huge damage. There's no specific information on how the Necromancer can master the trick, but they're able to perform repeatedly, proving that the cheat was executed with intention.

Twitch streamer wudijo battles Burn in multiple games in both their role as teammates and as their opponents. In one video, the Necromancer can use the cheater to eliminate the Sacred Guardian which is which is a PvE mob that must be defeated in order for the team to advance. While it would take 30 seconds to beat the Necromancer can kill in just 2 seconds. If wudijo is facing the Necromancer as a rival, wudijo is killed just as fast. But, because the cheat demands the Necromancer to stay stationary and wudijo's team has the ability to kill him during trade.

The cheating Necromancer was not only found in Widijo's d2r items buy games, also. A different user shared a screenshot on Reddit that shows Burn cheating in their PvP game, as well. But, even though the user, Burn, has shown that they have found a method to be cheating in D2R Ladder. if others have done the same, there isn't any proof that has been shared with the community as of yet.

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