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Choose the Best Nurse Call System

The needs of hospitalized patients are more complex than before, making this a priority for clinics. The hospitals are in continuous improvement of the environment around the patient and the satisfaction of doctors and nurses. Understanding the situations of clinics and hospitals, ncbss1 offers flexible solutions for maximum communication with Nurse Patient Intercommunication Systems.  It is flexible, scalable and integrated solutions for ultimate communication with Nurse Patient Intercommunication Systems.
The ncbss1 Systems offer the ability to have all the information and alarms of the patient under the same System. Such is the case of monitoring breathing equipment, electronic boards where doctors and nurses have pertinent information about the patient. The presence of nurses or doctors in the room, continuous monitoring of the system to detect faults. The alarms alert the staff through the Master console, personal pagers and cordless phones.
Operation of the Patient-Nurse Intercom System begins when a call is initiated from a station. The corresponding corridor lamps are turned on, and the appropriate signals are activated at the central station assigned to this station.
The central station controls two-way communication with patient stations or staff members. The operator can answer from rooms. The operator can make a group call, supervise, establish service needs, locate or distribute staff members, verify service needs, staff presence sites, transfer control to other central stations of the System called sick nurse.
This is a way to interact with our Nurse Patient Call Systems. With these virtual visits, you will see how the systems can be integrated with your hospital.
Flexible, Scalable and Reliable
Better Attention and Security
- Workflows
- Automated Responses
- Round programming
- Improved Indicators
- Administration alarm
- Fall alarms and bed exit
- Security stations
System integration
- Location of personnel in real-time.
- Noti-Fi alerts for smartphones
- Bed monitoring
- Wireless SIP 
- Communication
-Activity screen
- Quick response alerts
It allows viewing and attending to the alarms generated by the patients through the devices installed in the room. The patient can detail the reason for the alarm, and the staff, when attending to said alarm, can add all kinds of observations. In addition, all warnings are recorded in the database.
The ncbss1 provides the visualization of alarms on the map in real-time, facilitating knowledge of the position of the resident or patient. Customized interface for each centre. The data communication of the patient-nurse call system is based on IP technology, which allows the transmission of information in real-time. In addition, it simplifies the installation and maintenance of the System, as it can be done remotely.

  • That accessible communication without much user intervention
  • That there is an effective and fast communication
  • That allows mobility to the care staff at all times
  • Contains visual aids to facilitate the work of care personnel
  • That integrates with mobile devices
  • Integrate with medical and monitoring devices
  • That it offers additional services that help to improve the benefit of the users
  • That they generate value so that they are attractive in terms of attracting users
  • That they are integrated with other services of the centre
  • That allows minimal maintenance