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Craig Feigin

Craig Matthew Feigin
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Company Owner of (Business Consultant, Business Coach)
(Company Owner of Floridian Residential, Company Owner and CEO of Floridian Residential)
With a passion for breathing life into big ideas, taking risks and helping others, Craig Feigin has built a reputation for setting new standards of excellence when it comes to building real estate portfolios and supporting startup initiatives.
From 2009 to 2011, Craig built a mass of startup capital from trading gold and silver futures, which would serve as the launch pad for other successful ventures, starting with the buyout of hotels and other properties around the Miami, Florida in 2012. As his real estate portfolio continued to grow, so to did his relationships with various real estate agents and investors around Miami, allowing him to maximize his buying power while at the same time building his reputation as a fair and honest landlord with a genuine desire for completing honest and fair deals.
As a strong believer in the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats, Craig has enthusiastically supported numerous startups and entrepreneurs around the nation. Through generous donations, coaching and mentoring, and fundraising efforts, Craig has been blessed with the opportunity to meet and assist many other entrepreneurs who share his passion for improving the world around them. His activity in the startup world has played a major role in building the next generation of self-starters. Craig passionately instills in other entrepreneurs the conviction that they are the means to their own ends, and that their passions are the necessary fuel which drive innovation and success in the United States.
Another one of his primary passions has been the ongoing support of those who protect our oceans. He donates regularly to Mission Blue and the Marine Conservation Institute, and actively seeks other ways to support these non-profit organizations that he holds so dear.
Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the Florida International University. When he isn’t in the office, he enjoys yachting, meeting other entrepreneurs, and staying involved in charitable initiatives. As a libertarian, Craig is a firm supporter of Donald Trump political campaign.