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Different Styles of Acrylic Invitations

Acrylic invitations are now most famous among the other contemporary wedding cards. With the glass sheet, elegant font, and minimal design, the simple but subtle look it can offer is one of a kind, at least until now. On the other hand, one of the main reasons why it is still distinctive is its price. Not everyone agrees to opt for a pricey wedding invitation. 
According to a recent survey it was seen that most wedding planners use acrylic invitations; also, with an invitation basket, you will see an acrylic wedding invitation. Acrylic wedding invitations are so fixable and classy with their transparent sheet and minimal design that they can match any theme. There are also several options to choose from,
Acrylic invitation inspired by geometric patterns
One of the most famous geometric patterns-inspired acrylic invitations is the gem cut. You may have seen the gem has several triangles in it. Designers try to imitate that exact cuts into the transparent sheet of an acrylic invitation. They also put different shades into different triangles. Thus, the final product looks incredibly attractive. 
Simple acrylic wedding invitation
It might be clear that this acrylic wedding invitation solely focuses on elegance and simplicity from the name. It is a simple square piece of the transparent sheet; your chosen font with your preferred color will be printed on it, and minimal designs will be printed around the wordings.  
And that's it; here you go with your classy, simple wedding card. 
Floral acrylic invitations
The Acrylic wedding invitations not only come with the golden and white colors on it, but it also comes with colorful flower designs. The card designer will print the floral design based on your requirements, on the top or bottom or in the middle. Not only that, but the customizable acrylic invitations also allow you to choose the flower type. 
Water Colour Effect 
The watercolor effect makes the glassy sheet more bright and attractive. The card designers will put watercolor effects with your preferred design in the card. For example, if you choose many flowers, they will print them with a watercolor effect. 
Summer Bouquet
Several acrylic invitations come with the summer effect. Only a few leaves, flowers, and falling petals, make the clear sheets very sunny! Mostly, in this case, the clear sheet comes with a yellowish shade, as the color of summer. You can always change the design, as Acrylic Invitations are customizable. 
Ocean waves design
Usually, these types of aquatic invitations are chosen when the value of the function is a beach. The ocean waves are printed on a transparent sheet with beautiful linework, or if you want, they can also paint the waves with watercolor instead of the line works. Being a translucent sheet, the Acrylic Invitations makes every type of design unique in itself. 
Hand Drawn Acrylic Wedding Cards
Everyone dreams about a perfect wedding, and wedding cards play a huge role in that dream. That's why most people use acrylic invitations to apply their creativity freely. If you choose Hand drawn wedding invitations, your designer will use hand-drawn designs to create them, as per your requirements. 
Corner Swirl
Corner Swirl-designed acrylic wedding invitations are exceptionally famous because of their uniqueness. Designers draw swirls at the cross corners, gathering all the focus to the middle area. 
Anchor Print 
This particular wedding card comes with a large anchor print in the middle with wordings at the surroundings. The anchor represents the solidarity and compassion of your wedding and the new chapter of your life. 
Several other Acrylic Invitations are available out there, and all are unique in their way; the ones mentioned above are the most popular. Choose an amazing acrylic wedding card that will beautifully carry your wedding day memory for the rest of your life. 

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