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Do You Need A Wedding Coordinator?

One question brides-to-be often ask me is, "If the reception site has an event coordinator, do I really need a wedding coordinator miami?" The answer to this question is simple. Yes. You do need a wedding coordinator unless the facility provides you with one. A wedding coordinator is an expense that is worth every penny so a bride-to-be and their entourage can enjoy their special day and not have to worry over the minutia of the wedding.

I have heard brides-to-be say that they cannot afford a wedding coordinator. What they are not aware of are the vendor relations and contacts the wedding coordinators uses, which makes the wedding cheaper. Thus, wedding coordinators often pay for themselves while saving the bride a lot of unnecessary stress and time consuming effort.

Brides-to-be often wonder what an on-site event coordinator does. Many reception sites and event facilities have on-site event coordinators. These employees are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes of your wedding and/or reception. They are responsible for things like making sure that the buffet table gets replenished, confirming that the correct number of tables and chairs are in place and that your guests comply with their policies. They are in charge of the back of the house. They perform all the services that make the facility and/or food and beverage function for your event.

Luxury wedding planner Miami are often independent contractors that can be hired to help you the day of your wedding. Often wedding coordinators can assist you with your planning process as well. A wedding coordinators level of aid will coincide with the package you have chosen or the amount you are willing to invest in their services. The responsibilities of a wedding coordinator consist of things such as organizing your wedding processional, guiding the timeline of your wedding, organizing your wedding party for formal introductions and making sure that everyone gets things like bubbles or sparklers for your formal departure. Wedding coordinators act as liaisons between the bride, groom and guests and the event coordinator, caterer, florist and photographer to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Most venues keep a list of their recommended wedding coordinators on-hand. These professionals have often worked for the facility before and are familiar with its lay-out, staff and policies and procedures. If you are set on a certain facility and you know you want the services of a coordinator, ask for their preferred list. Event coordinators and wedding coordinators are complimentary to one another and work together to make sure that your wedding will go off without a hitch.

If your mother, friend, aunt, sister or anyone else volunteers for this responsibility say "thank you" and politely turn them down, unless, of course, they are a professional wedding coordinator. Weddings are such unique events that if a person isn't familiar with their structure, timing and vendor communications it's easy for them to overlook an important detail or have the bride's expectations fall short. Additionally, they would be working your event rather than celebrating your marriage.

With a wedding coordinator you are much more likely to have a stress-free, enjoyable day. No one wants to be worried or distracted on their wedding day. In order to fully experience and remember your day as the guest of honor, make sure you hire someone to do the worrying for you. Find a wedding coordinator; you'll be happy you did.