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Does Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Improve their Performance?

Beginning: According to the latest research and studies on panel cleaning, it has indeed been discovered that clean panels have a higher efficiency level than dirty ones. This should be obvious, as a clean house inspires a happier dwelling and a higher quality of life. Likewise, solar performance increase is directly tied to the constant cleaning and servicing of the solar panels. But what are some of the common things that hamper and affect the quality performance of a solar panel? They are all mentioned below in detail.
What Impacts Solar Panel Performance?

- Dust and dirt build-up affect solar panel performance in the long term.
- Debris from nearby buildings, windstorms, leaves, and other deposits floating in the air freely
- Hailstorms, snowstorms, water seepage, and other effects of the elements.

Why Conduct Solar Cleaning Anyway?

Whether you have monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, PERC, or thin film solar panels, these are obvious reasons to keep them clean.

- Panel cleaning is necessary as dust buildup affects your panel’s performance. Depending on your location and nearby elements, pollutants may easily find their way into your solar panel system.

- Other pollutants like smoke, debris, and leaves gradually block fuel cell ability to absorb and store sunlight energy. This affects the solar panel’s overall efficiency. Frequent and thorough cleaning and maintenance have positive and clear effects on solar production. Reduced solar efficiency caused by dust on PV panels amounts to 40%’ in dust-prone areas.

- Regularly cleaned and maintained solar panels usually perform 3.5% more efficiently than uncleaned ones. However, dust and dirt accumulation affect the efficiency of solar modules and panels by up to 60%. The high energy loss can cause a cumulative factor that impacts their longevity and effectiveness.

- Clean solar panels perform 3.5% more efficiently while poorly serviced panels can lose more than 30% of their generative capacity if they aren’t cleaned properly and regularly. It shows that clean panels impact solar energy production tremendously.

- Impact on sustainability and global warming in the long run. The world operates on limited resources, and optimum use with rational application is the only way to sustain resource use. Clean panels will reduce the need for excessive generation and the accumulation of solar waste.

- Clean solar panels also look smashingly attractive either on your rooftop, sides, or placed in convenient areas in an inverted manner. They will add to your property's appeal and look.

- You can generate extra electricity and sell it to the local grid to earn more money. This means you can actually earn more by selling off more of the extra electricity.

- Fully benefit from the solar panels maximum lifetime warranty with an exceptional service record. It also shows you cannot be let down due to a premature lifetime performance track record.

Conclusion: With the best expert solar panel cleaning services, it is easy and possible to reverse the temporary effects of negligence. With increased energy production and warranty benefits, it is well worth it to secure the full value and benefits of your solar panels with professional and expert solar cleaning services.
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