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Elegant Cream and Black Wedding Invitations

Most people don't think of black when they think about weddings, but black is one of the main colors this year. Especially popular is the combination of "butter and black" better known as cream and black. For evening or formal weddings, nothing is more elegant than simple black invitations especially when they are embellished or ribboned to match your colors. From the moment they arrive, these invitations set the tone and help you create the feel you want. Here are a few design suggestions to consider when choosing your invitation. - acrylic wedding invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations

If you love vibrant color schemes or bold patterns, you might want to choose a modern wedding invitation. The main difference between modern and traditional invitations is how relaxed each one is regarding color, paper, shape, lettering, and degree of formality. You can relax while choosing a modern design because you can easily accommodate a black tie event or a simple backyard ceremony with flair. You can choose from a variety of paper types, from linen and parchment to recycled paper and materials like acrylic or wood. You can embellish, use shapes, layer paper with fabric; truly, the possibilities are endless.

Modern wedding invitations still give you that clean, fresh look, no matter how colorful or monochromatic a look you choose. You also have the opportunity to layer patterns, even extending one to the liner of your envelopes. For example, you could choose a deep blue paper with silver or white lettering, especially if this wedding invitation ties in with a nautical theme; perhaps your ceremony will take place on a yacht or cruise ship at night, and your envelope liner could be silver.

What's Trending in the World of Invitations?

With the rise in popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms, more and more people are focusing on social media marketing. Giving gifts to loved ones has been a norm since time immemorial. But as the world becomes more digital, gifting as an act has also evolved - invitations are just one form of it.

The shift towards online gift giving is changing how we celebrate certain holidays or events such as birthdays and anniversaries. With the emergence of Quince Nera in recent years, there have been multiple innovations to personalize your individual's anniversary or birthday invitations through fun designs like mirrored ones that a person can send to their loved ones.

Tips for Saving Money on Gorgeous Gifts and Decorations

If you are planning to celebrate a special event such as an anniversary, a quince Nera, Sweet 16 or any other occasion, it is important to have beautiful invitations.

Printable Black Bordered Invitations: Let's say you only want a hint of black, then the bordered invitation is the one to look for. Here you can choose from a simple white or cream card with a black border, or a layered invitation where the invitation card is large enough that only a small border of the black background card is showing. These can serve equally well as the main wedding invitation or as rehearsal dinner or shower invites. And they also give you the same great savings..

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