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Elyon is the most recent game from the team behind PUBG: Battlegrounds

Elyon is the most recent game from the team behind PUBG: Battlegrounds. It's a Elyon Gold massive multi-player action MMO with a huge emphasis on player-versus-player combat. Like World of Warcraft, you have to choose between two realms to join before creating your character.

The Vulpin and Ontari were initially a single power, known in the Solum Empire. As technology developed and power grew came with it was growing, the empire began to see things differently. The empire broke up and the Vulpin and Ontari became a reality. Not much differentiates them from a game perspective. Each realm is filled with the exact playable races and character classes to play. The distinction is solely symbolic and cosmetic.

Ontario, Vulpin and Ontari

The Vulpin is one of the main realms of Elyon. They are called noble leaders driven by honor and a noble cause. They symbolize justice and honor. They are rich and concentrate on agriculture and fine arts. Their aesthetic style is reminiscent of medieval kingdoms.

Ontari Ontari are the most prominent rivals against the Vulpin. According to them, they're brave dreamers seeking to enter an entirely new age. They are practical and reasonable. The Ontari are a myriad of smaller fractured groups who have joined under one banner.

There is no in-game advantage. If one side is losing the server-side war, the new players will receive an advantage if they select the losing realm to join. Other than that, Vulpin and Ontari can provide similar gaming experience.
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