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Facebook Business Manager- a guide on how to create and configure

Facebook (that is, already Meta) has created a professional tool – Business Manager – for experienced marketers, large companies, and marketing agencies. It helps to automate processes, organize data for different projects, manage business pages, set up advertising campaigns, and control teamwork. Let’s explore everything about the Facebook business suite in this article.
What is Facebook Business Manager?
Business Manager is a free advertising tool from Facebook for setting up promotion tools in one window. With the help of a Business Suite Facebook, you can:

  • Creates and manages objects – Facebook page, Instagram account, audience list, and product catalog.
  • Manages access and permissions – assigns administrators, editors, moderators, advertisers, and analysts. As Business Manager, you can create companies of any size to collaborate with contractors, employ your own specialists, and manage other people’s projects.
  • Creates and manages advertisements. In the service, a specialist can set up advertising without access to the customer’s personal account. Personal and corporate content can be separated.
  • Tracks the effectiveness of advertising and conversions – analyzes statistics and manages the budget.

Who is Business Manager for?
The Facebook business manager is designed for organizations and professionals who manage several customers at the same time – this is convenient and reduces the risk of getting banned on a personal account.
Marketing agencies use the business manager when running targeted ads for clients or businesses that manage two or more pages.
Marketing agencies use the business manager when running targeted ads for clients or businesses that manage two or more pages.
How to create an account in Business Manager?
Any Facebook user who has created a personal page 3 weeks before registering in Meta Business Manager can use the service. If you register before this time, Facebook may suspect the account of fraud and block it.
If you don’t have a personal Facebook account yet, register first. In the form, indicate your real name and add a full-face photo.
Create an account for a business owner or close associate who will definitely not quit. This way, you will keep your data confidential and will be able to restore your account if you lose access.

Now register for the service at

  • Fill out the registration form: indicate the name of the organization, the full name of the person in charge, and a valid email address. It will help you regain access if you lose your password.
  • Enter the legal address and phone number links to the site and page on the social network.
  • Click “Submit” for the system to register an account.

How to work as Business Manager?
The account in Meta Business Suite is called a “company” by the social network. For full-fledged work in the service, this account must be configured. First, connect a business page and an advertising account and assign responsible persons who:
After connecting an advertising account, a specialist gets access to Meta Ads manager, an advertising cabinet in which ads are created, and their effectiveness is monitored. He can promote the company on social networks. After the distribution of roles, the specialist builds a clear hierarchy of account management and can appoint colleagues responsible for certain processes.