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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Studium Deliveries Fish Locations

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In Final Fantasy XIV, the year's busiest season for collectors and artisans has arrived. New materials, recipes, and ten more levels were all added with the Endwalker update.

Fishermen are in for a treat since their skills underwent a redesign and their Spearfishing skill now features a new mini-game. In addition, fishers still have the option to hook "big" fish even though High Quality has largely been removed from the game.

The quickest method for Fishers to level up and acquire experience is to unlock and finish all of Old Sharlayan's tasks and all of Aeterology's Studium Delivery quests. You may follow this method to finish everything in Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Studium Deliveries

Tips and tricks for leveling gatherers and making Gil - The Studium
Collecting and crafting can both be leveled at the same time. Or, start with gathering if you want to exhaust one duty first. In FFXIV, you can use Gil to create Gil, but mass-collecting your own is easier and more cost-effective.

In contrast to crafts, where certain classes are more difficult to level than the others, miners and botanists are not. It doesn't matter which position you choose to submit rewards for because they're very similar. Additionally, you will constantly be asked to level the same goods as part of the missions; the items are merely in various places. You won't gain enough experience to level one or the other entirely here, but you may make the difference using other resources covered in our large collection.

Farm for additional Endwalker ingredients while you're out collecting for missions. The nodes you'll seek for Studium Deliveries are in the same places as regular nodes for materials included in the 6.0 update to Final Fantasy XIV. It's simple to make a significant amount of Gil when you purchase them in quantity.

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Trips to the new zones shouldn't be wasted; even if you aren't gathering items to sell, you may still acquire materials for creating submissions. In Endwalker, almost every node you reach already has a function, and you'll still need to wait for your GP to replenish after collecting collectibles.

How to gather resources for Studium?
On Miner and Botanist, collecting collectibles remains the same, but on Fisher, you must adjust your methods to learn a new set of talents. As your turn-ins are restricted, keep in mind that you want to attain maximum collectability on them. These missions are one-time-only and provide significant EXP and Scrip bonuses for good quality.

You should be perfectly capable of working on Studium delivery if your collecting equipment was made and merged in Shadowbringers or was obtained via scrips. Keep an eye out for the minimum required GP needs and concentrate on raising the collectability rating to its maximum level. Don't worry about collecting numerous at once; these quests require a little information from non-timed nodes.

Completing the Endwalker Botanist and Miner quests for Studium
With a few minor adjustments, the mining and botany systems in FFXIV are substantially the same as those in Shadowbringers regarding collectibles. The regular gathering has changed, and there is currently no high-quality alternative available, but that is not the goal here. Instead, speak with Hinageshi in the Studium and submit goods under the Miner or Botanist class under which you want to get EXP. These objects will be in various places, depending on the profession you select, but you will always gather the same stuff.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Studium Botanist and Miner Quests

Where to get bait and find fish?
Many adjustments were made to fishing in Endwalker, but the most significant one is the alterations made to the spearfishing system. You will now see a tiny mini-game window where you may slash at fish shadows. Give importance to which fish you are going for since speed and fish size are important. The fish needed for your Studium collectible turn-ins with T'laqa Tia are listed below, along with information on where to find the fishing locations.

Without the Patience rotation, some fish will still hook, but fish begin at level 88.

In Old Sharlayan and at Scrip Vendors everywhere, you may purchase bait for the Endwalker fishing holes.

Sky Spoon Lures may be purchased at the Studium Scrip Exchange Merchant (X:4.9, Y:9.3) for 50 White Scrips. For the last Studium quest, you will require a number of them.

Synnove (X:12.7, Y:10.4), an Old Sharlayan trader, also offers Leeches, Gold Salmon Roe, and Shrimp Balls for sale for Gil.

Grey Worms are additionally sold at Mare Lamentorum's Junkgmonger in Bestways Burrow (X:21.1, Y:12.3).

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Bait and Find Fish

Angling tips for Studium Delivery

If you've read thus far, you probably already have a basic understanding of fishing, but let us provide some advice on catching fish quickly. Each mission requires six of these, which might be bothersome if you're unfortunate.

1. Activate Collect. Remember that you must catch these fish as Collectibles because they cannot even be desynthesized.

2. With the appropriate bait, cast your line into the designated fishing hole.

3. Reel in the fish.

4. Utilise "Identical Cast" to haul in a different fish if the one you have is the one you were looking for.

5. Use "Prize Catch" if you are level 81 or above and are having problems reaching the necessary collectability.

6. Your line should be re-cast.

You should be able to complete the task by doing this rapidly.

Locations of the different Studium Delivery Fish

1. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 80 : Giant Aetherlouse Location

In Labyrinthos, to the west of the elevator leading to Old Sharlayan, you may discover Giant Aetherlouse. As a lure, Gold Salmon Roe is required. The gap in the wall is known as "Unmoved Source Alpha."

2. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 83 : Garjana Wrasse Location

Garjana Wrasse may be found in Thavnair, near the Aetheryte, in The Great Work. You may find it using Shrimp Ball bait by fishing in the nearby water. The fishing hole is known as "The Great Runoff."

3. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 85 : Garlean Clam Location

In Garlemald, west of Camp Broken Glass, you may go fishing for Garlean Clams. Bait for it is Gold Salmon Roe. "The Eblan Thaw" is the name of the fishing spot.

4. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 85 : Alnairan Salmon Location

Before you may proceed with any deliveries, you must offer T'laqa Tia an Alnairan Salmon for a mission called "The Wandering Whale." Using gold salmon roe as bait, you can find it in the river near Thavnair beneath Palaka's Stand.

5. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 88 : Smaragdos Location

In Elpis, notably in the sizable body of water to the northeast of Anagnorisis, you may locate Smaragdos. Leech bait may be used to catch Smaragdos, but we had better success using Sky Spoon Lure, a specialized bait from Scrip Trade NPCs for 50 White Gathering Scrips. The name of the fishing pond is "Lethe."

6. Fisher Studium Delivery - Level 90 : Lunar Lamenter Location

However, this quest will lead you to Mare Lamentorum to locate a Lunar Lamenter, even if it is not a delivery. Using Grey Worm bait, you may locate the fish in a cavern northwest of Sinus Lacrimarum. The lure is for sale from the Lopporit trader within Bestways Burrow. The Lunar Lamenters are in a pool called "The Frozen Fissure."