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Get the Best Responder for Hospital System

With more than one million beds worldwide, Raurland leads the market through a proven approach to innovation and integrated solutions designed to adapt to processes and optimize workflows.
Primary Systems designs a response solution that is perfectly suited to the facility, whether the hospital is large or small. The Rauland Responder Enterprise, Rauland 4000 r4k4020 systems make it easy to provide the highest quality patient care. This includes easy implementation, the ability to seamlessly coordinate across multiple departments, and integrate into existing hospital systems. You can customize the Reply button for your process, streamlining and simplifying your workflow. Nurse call response allows you to easily connect to IT systems, telephone systems, security systems, and more, providing a well-tuned tool for measuring data.
Most importantly, integrated consulting services ensure that your responder system is fully integrated with your old system, reducing redundancy and increasing productivity. The integrated communications solutions enable healthcare organizations to streamline workflows, increase staff productivity, enable results-based performance initiatives, improve HCAHPS scores, and improve hospital reimbursement rates.
Fast and direct communication
Response 5 allows the right person to get the right call at the right time. Patient calls can be sent directly to the nurse's cordless phone or pager in real-time. Nurses can talk to other staff and doctors-contact them directly. Best of all, this nurse call system promotes a quiet, stress-free and healing environment.
Optimized workflow
With Responder 5, at the push of a button during surgery, you can instruct environmental services to clean the room, central supplies for storing consumables and tell PACU that the patient is undergoing surgery. You can notify. The system is integrated with other technologies (such as cordless phones and pagers), so staff can work more efficiently and effectively.
Easy to use and easy to learn
Using Rauland 4000 r4k4020 is intuitive and makes staff training easy. With the push of a button, you can contact a nurse, transfer or cancel a call, or a nurse can contact a person in another hospital. Service sign-up and termination takes just a few seconds, improving efficiency. Nurses can spend more time on the most important thing: quality patient care, as all of Responder 5 is freed from the wasted effort of nurses.
Exceptional quality and service
Rauland-Borg's track record demonstrates its commitment to its customers. Its only business is the design and manufacture of communications and human security equipment for the setting up of institutions. They are industry leaders for a good reason. This is a phone call from a nurse.
Complete and customized solution
Responder 5 connects patients and staff by linking the capabilities of the latest wireless technology with traditional "nurse call" devices. Answer 5 is designed to adapt to the environment of each hospital. Systems Electronics understands hospital systems and processes to help you get the most out of Responder in each case. We work to customize Answer 5 to suit your calling process so that the system works like you.
Optimized process in day-to-day operations
• Reduce training time by recognizing and adhering to protocols such as fall mitigation and rounding.
• Improve staff experience and satisfaction by reducing paperwork and other interruptions.
• Prevent overlooked care through reminders, automation, and improved communication.
• Increases transparency and flexibility for optimizing staff, satisfaction, data, cross-matrix, different levels of redemption, and more.