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Gun Games Bullet Force Online HD

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Gun Games Bullet Force – About

Gun Games Bullet Force free online multiplayer shooting game with realistic 3D graphics. If you’ve always wanted to try out crazy first-person shooters, you couldn’t have picked a better starting point than Bullet Force. It’s a free game that is as accessible to new players as it offers fun challenges to experienced pros in the hobby.

Gun Games bullet force Loaded with a large number of indoor and outdoor maps, you get to experiment with different weapons, movements and enemy attack patterns. Find the best approach to winning each round by shooting down everyone you can.
Bullet Forcen one of the best ”gun games” comes with a campaign mode for single players, that will let you collect experience and train your aim and reaction times.
Bullet Force – Instruction

Explore ”Bullet Force” rigorously and do not let the stress of warfare get to you in this Gun Games. Sneak up to your opponents and deal with the killing shot before they know you’re onto them. Complete your mission, gather XP and become the most fearsome soldier of all time. Get better and more powerful guns to kill bad guys. Collect perks and other special abilities to turn you into an even more devastating killing machine. But if you’re just after a quick shot of adrenaline, why not play a short battle against the computer? Once you’ve mastered that, it’s time to face the world at large in awesome online multiplayer battles. Enjoy the Bullet Force team modes, deathmatch, conquest and many more. Play as a guest or sign up for the full experience with Gun Games Bullet Force. Your next multiplayer online play fun is simply a trial away!
More About This Gun Games

The developer of this Gun Games:
Bullet Force Multiplayer is developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde).
Release Date
The initial release date is June 2016. The game has been updated in March 2018 with a fresh look and additional dynamic options. You can find it here on CrazyGames.
UPDATE (October 2018): Six new maps have been added: Zen, Village, Office, Park, Prison, and City.
Features of this Gun Games
Multiplayer mode against alternative players worldwide and follow mode to play against bots
Many weapons to decide on from (including M4A1, Compact .45 or M67 Frag)
Multiple game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Gun Game, or Conquest
You can customize the load-out with a unique set of weapons
Credits system to buy more weapons
Killstreaks special abilities to use in the game
High-quality 3D graphics in this gun games (customizable within the settings menu, counting on your graphics card)
10 playable maps
Play in fullscreen
How to Play This Gun Games Bullet Force

Use WASD buttons to move
Use Spacebar to jump
Use ‘T’ to chat
Use Mouse to shoot
Use Shift to run
Use ‘P’ key to pause the game
Press ‘Enter ‘to respawn
Press ‘G’ to throw a grenade
Use ‘E’ to pick up a gun
Use ‘F’ to use a knife
Use ‘R’ to reload your weapon
Use ‘C’ to crouch
Pres ‘2’ key to change your weapon
Use up, down, left and right arrow keys for killstreaks
Use Tab key for the score

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