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Here are the reasons as to why you should use forklift drum lifters

A 55-gallon steel drum weighs approximately 44 pounds when empty. When filled with oil or a similar substance, that weight can reach 500 pounds or more. A forklift drum attachment, on the other hand, can easily lift a full 55-gallon container and transport it to its proper location. Furthermore, different types of forklift drum attachments can be used for a variety of tasks. Lifting Heavy Drums is Made Easier.

The clamp is attached to a sheath that easily fits over the forklift's prongs, supporting the drum's base and providing enough lift to pick up the heavy drum. Standard forklift drum lifters are available in single-drum and double-drum configurations. A double-drum lift lifts two drums at the same time.

A side clamp is used by a second type of forklift drum lifter to grasp the drum in the same way you would grab a beer can with your hand. The clamp forklift drum lifter, like the standard drum lifter, has a sheath that fits over the tines of the forklift. When the forklift is moved forward, the clamp's handles close and grip the drum, locking under the rolling hoop when the drum is raised. Simply lower the drum to the ground and reverse the forklift to release a clamp forklift drum lifter. Clamp forklift drum lifters are also available in single and double drum configurations. A Portable Gantry Crane Singapore will be greatly helpful.

Providing Extra Security

The third type of forklift drum lifter comes with a clamp that can be sealed around the drum using an eccentric lock if extra security is required. A second safety catch prevents accidental release. However, unlike other forklift drum lifters, this model requires the operator to exit the vehicle to secure and unsecured the safety lock. A forklift drum lifter is capable of more than just lifting drums. This is useful for tipping a drum and emptying its contents. The operator can rotate the drum 360 degrees along the vertical parameter on the majority of models. The second type of forklift drum lifter with a rotator appliance includes a hand chain that allows the operator to manually rotate the drum when it is lifted higher than the operator's chest height, rather than using onboard equipment. The Drum Trolleys Singaporeare the best.

Transporting Less Durable Plastic Drums

When using plastic barrels, specialized forklift drum lifters must be used. Optional cradles that can be fitted to existing forklift drum lifters to protect the less durable plastic barrel are among these. Many cradles include an optional chain-and-belly strap to keep the drum or barrel firmly in place. Opting for a Goods Lifts Singapore will be helpful.

Numerous signs in your workplace will indicate whether or not your facility requires a Drum or Barrel Handling System. The warning signs are fairly obvious, but they are frequently overlooked in a hectic and fast-paced work environment. Here are some common indications or guidelines that it's time to look for a drum handling system.

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