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How Abacus Math and Vedic Math Help In Development Of Math Skills

Submitted by steverayan on Thu, 01/18/2024 - 03:16

Many kids and parents dread math classes. We've all heard pleas to avoid them, especially children, as most children have a math phobia! Parents who know math's importance struggle to get their kids interested in the subject.

Are you one of those parents confused by the talk of Vedic Maths and Abacus, promising to turn your child into a math genius? This blog breaks down these concepts to help you decide if it's worth your time and money for your child to attend these classes.

Vedic Mathematics, discovered by Indian mathematician Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji between 1911- 1918, offers techniques for arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and conics. Once students master the General and Specific Techniques, they can solve problems quickly. Those using Vedic Maths are found to be 17 times faster than those using regular methods. Your child must know the multiplication tables to excel in these techniques.

Like Vedic Maths, Abacus Math is another ancient technique used for basic counting in many countries. Instead of relying on numbers and formulas, Abacus employs a mechanical device – a counting frame with beads – to perform calculations. This method has stood the test of time and is still used globally in preschool and elementary schools to teach arithmetic.

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By learning to use the abacus, children not only grasp a new way of counting but also discover how to add and subtract using complementary numbers. It introduces them to problem-solving in innovative ways, helping in simple and effective methods. The abacus method follows a systematic calculation process. With practice, children outgrow the need for the counting frame, becoming adept at mental calculations performed at remarkable speeds.

Both Vedic Maths and Abacus methods share the potential to eliminate math phobia in children. The results are almost immediate, leading to a significant improvement in school performance.

These alternative math methods enhance mental sharpness, speed, and accuracy and boost brain power, mental agility and confidence. Developing a newfound interest in numbers contributes to your child's brain development on both the left and right sides, enhancing intuitive and innovative capabilities. While these methods are easy to learn, consistent and intensive practice is crucial.

After training in either Abacus Math or Vedic Maths, your child will easily tackle long and complex math problems—faster than a calculator! Moreover, research indicates that these methods affect the child's overall development. Both the left and right brain become more open, fostering creativity and logical thinking. Concentration and learning ability increase, positively impacting self-esteem and motivating them to become well-rounded achievers.

Specifically, Abacus math classes are beneficial in lower classes, aiding in topics like HCF and LCM. On the other hand, Vedic Maths supports higher classes, helping children solve intricate polynomial functions and equations.

With these methods, your child will no longer fear school math or math classes but will eagerly solve problems easily, equipped with newfound confidence and skills.

How to know which one to choose: Vedic Maths or Abacus Maths

Choosing between Vedic and Abacus Math involves considering various factors:

Learning Style: Abacus and Vedic Maths use different teaching methods. Abacus suits young learners starting with numbers, while Vedic Maths is better for older kids familiar with basic calculations.

Goals: Clarify your objectives. Do you want a solid foundation in basic arithmetic, or are you interested in exploring a broader range of mathematical concepts and techniques?

Age and Experience: Abacus is typically introduced at a younger age, whereas Vedic Maths can be started at different learning stages. Consider the learner's age and experience.

Teacher/Program Availability: Check if qualified instructors or Abacus programs are available in your area or online.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual preferences, goals, and learning styles. Both methods offer valuable tools for enhancing mathematical abilities and mental calculation skills.

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