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How to Be Prepared for Changes in Manufacturing Recruitment with the Rise of Automation

Submitted by localskill on Sun, 12/04/2022 - 05:49

Automation is using robots or
computer-controlled machine tools to perform tasks that usually require human
intelligence, such as manual work.The threat of losing jobs due to the rise
of automation has been a topic of debate for several years in manufacturing
recruiting firms. People on both sides say that automation will take away jobs
from humans and affect the employment rate drastically, which we have already
seen in recent years. On the other hand, some people believe AI will create
more jobs than it takes away.The debate is still ongoing, but for
instance, we can see how AI has affected the workforce in manufacturing
industries and how employment rates have dropped after the introduction of AI
systems like computer-controlled machine tools or robots.Now the important question is: can AI
really affect your career? And if yes, how should we prepare for changes in manufacturing recruiting
?Can AI really affect your career?It is clearly visible that AI has taken
away a lot of jobs and employment. Manufacturing and other industries, such as
transportation and agriculture, have seen significant reductions in labour this period of time when AI is becoming
more popular. You need to upskill yourself so that you are relevant to the
market, and if you aren’t going to do it, you can lose your job and will lose
job opportunities in the future.The types of jobs that have a lower risk
of being replaced by AI include:Manufacturing jobs that are very
repetitive and require less skilled labourers are most likely to be replaced by
AI. But there are some types of jobs that have a lower risk of being replaced
by AI, including:Jobs with high creativityJobs with more social interactionJobs that require emotional intelligenceHow should we prepare?One thing is for sure: you need to upskill
yourself or nurture other skills; otherwise, you will be among those who lose
their jobs. To prepare for the inevitable AI-optimized future, you need to find
the skills that automation can’t do. And then start working on those skills. We
have prepared a list of these skills that can help you be employed during the
age of AI. It includes:● Analytical thinking and innovation● Active learning and learning strategies● Complex problem-solving● Critical thinking and analysis● Creativity, originality, and initiative● Leadership and social influence● Technology use, monitoring, and control● Technology design and programming● Resilience, stress tolerance, and
flexibility● Reasoning, problem-solvingConclusionThe AI revolution is inevitable; there is no
doubt about it. We need to make some modifications and upgrade ourselves to be
employed. But along with preparing for it, we must remember that the human
abilities of empathy and kindness will help us in the age of AI. Jobs based on
creativity, care, and education will remain safe from automation.