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How to book lab test online?

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Submitted by aayuapp on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 04:04

In some cases when we take online doctor consultation prescribed some lab tests to be done so to better diagnose problem and get treated.
So now healthcare apps also providing facility of lab test to be done online. Aayu app is one of those apps which provides this facility and also make these reports to get delivered at home.
You just have to follow these steps:
Take online doctor consultation
After that doctor prescribed you the medicine which you get get it delivered at home along with that you have option of lab test where you can choose your nearby laboratory they will come at your home and get you tested
After your reports came they will get it delivered at home.
In this pandemic time its very important to keep yourself safe so it is recommended to take lab test online.
After that you can follow up with that doctor to know further. Aayu app is one of the online medicine app.