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How can a patient book an appointment online?

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Patients can take online doctor appointment by following simple steps:

Patients can book an appointment online from any site or app which provides online consultation and online medicine ordering and delivering facility. There they can take consultation from the specialized doctor they are facing problem.

Many apps providing online doctor appointment facility where they can take online doctor consultation with the appointed doctor.

5 Apps providing online doctor appointment facility in india:

Aayu App:

Aayu App provides online doctor consultation from 5000+ specialist doctors in less than 15 minutes. Providing Online medicine order with a single click! Book Online doctor appointment Now!

Docs App:

DocsApp right now has a pool of around 500 doctors in the country who can help you in case you feel sick. DocsApp is one of the best apps on the list as it is user-friendly and mess-free. The home screen of the app is neat and clean and you are greeted with an option of “Talk to a Specialist” and the other three options.
Lab tests
Health Tips
DocsApp is one of the most convenient and pocket-friendly apps for consultations. Generally, their fees range between 150/- to 199/- with the first consultation free. Once the doctor has diagnosed you and give you the prescription, you can order online medicine from the same platform. This is indeed one of the easiest way to take care of your health.
1mg Online Consultation:
1 mg is one of the best apps for online doctor consultations and is completely confidential. It has some of the most certified doctors and they offer quality healthcare facility through their network. The app is very convenient to use and it save you from all the hassle of the long queues and rush hours. You don’t have to wait to visit a doctor physically, you can seek medical attention the moment you feel sick.
It is also very cost-effective and medical assistance can be provided on urgent queries for free. The services that are provided on the platform include:
E-Pharmacy– You can order medicines and other health products online and get them delivered to home directly. The pharmacies are licensed and the medicines are safe.
Online Consultations- You can consult registered and quality doctors on chat for free.
Lab tests- According to the prescription and your problem, you can also book lab tests that will be conducted at home.
1mg is an online platform that can be accessed for all health needs. Such platforms make your life easier and hassle-free. They have covered everything you need like allopathic, ayurvedic, and homeopathy medicines. All other nutritional supplements are also available on the platform.
Apollo 24 7-
Everyone is aware of the fact that Apollo healthcare services have quality and trust where we can get in touch with Asia’s best healthcare network in just a few clicks. You can find more than 1000 doctors, more than 80 specialties. No matter where you are and what time it is.
This platform is private and secured as it allows us to consult preferred doctor and share reports anonymously. It saves a lot of time and money of course and also it saves us from the hassle of visiting a hospital. The best part of Apollo247 is that it offers a free follow-up which means you can connect to a doctor within 7 days of the consultation and you don’t have to pay for that.
The approach of the doctors here is very nice and they try to give as much time as possible. They carefully listen to your problems, ask for every aspect of the disease, and then prescribe you something.
The services provided on the platform include-
Consultation– You can consult any doctor while sitting anywhere in the world.
Book Health check– You can book lab tests and other checkups that will be conducted at the convenience of your home.
Free Follow-up– The platform also offers you a free follow-up within 7 days of the consultation.
DocOnline is another known name in the field of online healthcare and services. The platform asks you to create an account and add family members to it. You can book a doctor’s appointment via phone or video call and get your prescription. Medicine delivery and diagnostic tests are also done here.
Features of DocOnline
Providing consultation for you and your family members.
Provide consultations through Audio/Video call or chat.
Maintain health record for free.
Access to diagnostic service.
Medicine delivery.
Almost all condition is treated at DocOnline like acne, sore throat, dengue, eye conditions, women’s health, insomnia, and more. So, it is time to be more health-conscious and book appointment with doctor online.